What is the 'most profitable major' with the highest starting salary for college graduates in the United States?

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), an American association of professionals with career service professionals from more than 3,300 universities, has released a survey of salary status for new college graduates in 2020. The global epidemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has caused massive unemployment in the working class, but it has been revealed that salaries for new graduates continue to rise.

Salaries for College Graduates Climb Even in the Face of the Pandemic


College graduate starting salaries are at an all-time high

COVID-19, which hit the United States in 2020, created aftermath in every direction, but the largest one is the aftermath of the business world. Since World War II, the unemployment rate in the United States has been around 2.0-8.0%, and official statistics broke the 10% barrier during the second oil shock (10.8%) and the Lehman shock (10.0). %) Was only twice, but in April 2020, when COVID-19 became a major epidemic, the unemployment rate was 14.7%, which far exceeded these. The number of unemployed has increased by nearly 16 million in just one month.

Unemployment rate reaches the worst level after the war (USA: May 2020) | Japan Institute for Labor Policy and Training (JILPT)

However, even in the face of such large-scale unemployment, it has become clear that the starting salary of university graduates has risen. According to a new survey released by NACE, the average annual income of new graduates in the United States in 2020 is $ 55,260. It increased by 2.5% from $ 53,889 in 2019 and increased by 8.5% from $ 50,944 in 2018.

NACE classifies new graduates according to their majors such as chemistry, engineering, and mathematics, and also clarifies 'majors with high annual income in the first year.' The image below shows the ranking of the majors with high annual income in the first year, ranked 1st to 5th. The major with the highest annual income in the first year is Petroleum engineering, which specializes in the design and instruction of equipment that efficiently extracts oil and gas, with an average annual income of $ 87,989 (about 9.65 million yen). The 2nd to 5th place is Computer programming with an average annual income of $ 86,098 (about 9.44 million yen), and the third place is Computer engineering with an average annual income of $ 85,996 (about 9.43 million yen). ), 4th place is Computer science with an average annual income of $ 85,766 (about 9.4 million yen), and 5th place is Electrical, electronics, and communications engineering with an average annual income of $ 88,19. It was (about 8.86 million yen).

6 to 10 place in the following, the 6-position Operations research (

Operations Research average annual income 80,166 US dollars (about 8.79 million yen) in), 7-position average annual income 78,603 US dollars in Computer and information science (information science) (Approximately 8.62 million yen), 8th place is Statistics (statistics) with an average annual income of 75,916 dollars (about 8.32 million yen), 9th place is Applied mathematics (applied mathematics) with an average annual income of 73,558 dollars (about 8.07 million yen) ), 10th place was Chemical engineering with an average annual income of 72,713 dollars (about 7.97 million yen).

Regarding this result, NACE's head of research, Andrea J. Koncz, said, 'Technical majors are usually the most paid because they are in the highest demand.' As the technical demand for ”has increased, four computer-related majors have entered the first year's annual income ranking.” CNBC, a major American news agency, points out the problem of educational inequality, citing a study showing that two-thirds of Americans without a college degree have a reduced life expectancy.

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