What is the reason why the CEO of the venture says that it is better to stop using the '.xyz' domain?


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'XYZ', the last three letters of the alphabet, is an impressive string of characters that is also used to express coordinates in three-dimensional and color spaces . Also, since it is used for ' https://abc.xyz/ ', the official website of Google's parent company, Alphabet, it seems to be a perfect domain for the newly launched site. However, the CEO of a company that actually used .xyz for the URL of the site and had a bad experience told the story of the experience that '.xyz domain is dangerous'.

The Perils of an .xyz Domain

Spot , CEO of Gordon Hempton, is a company that provides a virtual 3D coworking space for companies that work remotely. When launching the company's website, Mr. Hempton thought that it would be best to use the same top-level domain as Google's parent company, and also the name of the spatial coordinate axis, ``. .xyz'. However, due to this decision, Mr. Hempton's company will suffer from the following problems.

◆E-mail does not reach the customer
The first thing that puzzled Spot's staff was a customer complaint that the password reset email was going into the spam folder. This phenomenon often occurred not only in bulk emails, but also in emails sent individually to business partners.

In addition to this, Mr. Hempton, who was plagued by various problems described later, switched the domain of the site from 'spot.xyz' to 'spotvirtual.com', and the opening rate of the first mail sent to customers has improved dramatically from 70% to 86%, the opening rate of the second email has increased from 50% to 72%, and

the conversion rate of the service has also improved dramatically from 0.1% to 3%.

From this, Mr. Hempton said, 'I think that this improvement alone was worth changing the domain.'

◆ Blocked by SMS
Messages containing 'spot.xyz' were also spam when sent via SMS. In fact, the message Mr. Hempton exchanged with his wife for the test is below. Mr. Hempton (left) has sent two messages, 'Check spot.xyz' and 'Check spotvirtual.com', but Mr. Hempton's wife (right) has only received 'Check spotvirtual.com' Therefore, I am replying 'I have only received one link'.

The same phenomenon occurred in SNS such as Facebook and online bulletin boards such as Reddit. However, as a result of switching the domain from 'spot.xyz' to 'spotvirtual.com', this problem also disappeared.

◆ Treated as a malicious site by users
Spot's staff had no idea that Spot's site looked like a malicious site, but users sometimes complained, 'Spot's URL gives me the impression that it's unprofessional, so I'd like to try another site.' I want to use the service.' Feedback was received. It seems that the Spot staff did not think that the domain name itself had a bad image until receiving this feedback.

From this experience, Mr. Hempton commented, ``Because there are many malicious sites using the .xyz domain, it seems that the .xyz domain and the malicious site are directly linked among users.''

◆ Caught in the firewall
The most direct damage Spot suffered from .xyz domains was that many organizations firewalled .xyz domains. In fact, when Mr. Hempton tried to access the Spot site from the Wi-Fi of his alma mater, the University of Washington, the following message was displayed that 'spot.xyz' was filtered by the blacklist. I'm sorry.

Based on these experiences, Mr. Hempton advises backward companies and services to look for domains in the following order of priority.

1. Reputable domains such as .com, .org, and .net
2. Domains often used by up-and-coming companies such as '.io' and '.ai'
3. Other lesser-known domains with higher registration fees

At the end, Mr. Hempton said, 'Affordable domains tend to be used by spammers, so definitely avoid them. For example, .xyz costs $ 1 (about 110 yen) and .ai costs $ 70 (about 7700 yen) However, such costs are trivial in the large framework of starting a business, so it makes sense to choose a high domain.”

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