Folding smartphone 'Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G' photo review

The smartphone 'Galaxy Z Fold3 5G ' that folds the terminal announced by Samsung in August 2021 will land in Japan in October. The latest model of 'Galaxy Fold ', which has a display on the inside and outside, and when folded to the size of a general smartphone, and when unfolded, has a large screen like a tablet, has arrived, so open it a little earlier and look at it I checked.

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The 'Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G SC-55B' was in a box like this.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G body looks like this. The color is black.

Included in the box as accessories are a USB Type-C charging cable on both ends and a SIM eject tool.

There is also a quick start guide in the bundled item, but this time it was not included in the box because it was for review. The AC adapter is also sold separately.

The cover display can be used in the folded state. The size of the cover display is about 6.2 inches, considering the roundness is about 6.1 inches, and the resolution is 2268 x 832 (HD +) Dynamic AMOLED organic EL .

The cover display has a cover camera with about 10 million pixels.

Behind the cover display is the main camera.

The main camera is a three-lens configuration equipped with a wide-angle lens, ultra-wide-angle lens, and telephoto lens with approximately 12 million pixels.

The hinge part looks like this.

When deployed, a 7.6-inch main display can be used. The main display is also Dynamic AMOLED organic EL, and the resolution is 2208 x 1768 (QXGA +).

On the right shoulder of the main display, there is a front camera with about 4 million pixels.

On the right side is a power button and volume button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

There was a SIM card slot on the left side.

On the bottom, there is a speaker and a USB Type-C terminal.

There is no interface on the top. Also, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G does not have an earphone jack.

Comparing the iPhone 12 Pro Max (left) and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G when folded, it looks like this. The size of the folded Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is 67.1 mm x 158.2 mm x 16.0 mm (the thickest hinge part), which is about the same height as the iPhone 12 Pro Max's 78.1 mm x 160.8 mm x 7.4 mm. And the width is a little slender.

On the other hand, the thickness is more than double.

Since it is slim, it is easy to put in and take out the pocket, but when you stand in your pants, you are still a little worried about the thickness.

The actual weight is 275g, which is about 50g heavier than the 226g iPhone 12 Pro Max. Therefore, it can be said that it is a terminal that makes you feel a presence when you carry it in terms of weight.

By that amount, the display size when unfolded is far different from the largest iPhone 12 Pro Max in the original line.

Combining the merit of being able to open halfway and the function of split display of multiple apps, you can use it in a standing state like this ...

It can be used for browsing while watching a video. The display has a built-in front camera, making it suitable for hands-free video calls.

Depending on how the light hits, you can see a dent in the folded part, but it was not so noticeable for normal use.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is scheduled to appear in October 2021, the price is 237,600 yen including tax at docomo, au has not been announced at the time of article creation. In the following article, we will do a benchmark test of the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G to check what the essential specs are.

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