Reported that Intel is reducing the price of CPU for servers to compete with AMD

Intel and AMD have a rivalry in the CPU market for PCs and servers, but in recent years AMD has been steadily increasing its share of CPUs for PCs 'Ryzen' and CPUs for servers 'EPYC', and Intel has been in a difficult situation. I am. Meanwhile, it is reported that Intel is offering some companies low prices for CPUs for servers.

Intel Is Reducing Server Chip Pricing in Attempt to Stem the AMD Tide: Report | Tom's Hardware

Intel held a high market share in the early 2010s, ahead of AMD. However, AMD launched high-performance and low-priced CPUs such as Ryzen series and EPYC series to the market in 2017 and chased Intel, and in August 2017, it exceeded Intel in CPU sales share on the German mail order site. It was reported that

AMD overtakes Intel in CPU sales share for the first time in the last 10 years-GIGAZINE

After that, AMD continued to make good progress, and the 2nd generation EPYC series '

EPYC Rome ' was adopted by Google's cloud service and major CDN service Cloudflare, and its share of CPUs for servers also increased. In September 2021, Cloudflare announced the adoption of the 3rd generation EPYC series ' EPYC Milan'. Chris Howells, a platform operations engineer at Cloudflare, said, 'We evaluated Intel's latest generation CPU, Ice Lake Xeon, which was thin on AMD in terms of raw performance. We found that the power consumption per server was hundreds of watts higher. That's a big difference, 'he said, praising AMD CPUs for better power efficiency than Intel CPUs. I did.

Cloudflare announces that AMD's 3rd generation 'EPYC Milan' will be adopted for next-generation servers, Intel defeats as in the previous generation --GIGAZINE

As mentioned above, AMD continues to make good progress, but hardware-related media Tom's Hardware points out that AMD has the drawbacks of 'less revenue sources than Intel' and 'relying on other companies for CPU production'. doing. On the other hand, Intel can do everything from design development to production in-house, so it is possible to flexibly change the CPU price compared to AMD.

In addition, Tom's Hardware pointed out that the current situation where the demand for CPU for servers is large but not sufficiently satisfied indicates that the supply of CPU by AMD is insufficient. In addition, that Intel is providing the server for CPU with an inexpensive price for the part of the customer reports select the Intel-made CPU to companies that touches on, Intel is the supply waiting for AMD-made CPU It claims to be taking attractive measures to make it happen.

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