Apple and Epic Games have ruled that the App Store should accept payment methods other than Apple, while some say Apple will win.

On the morning of Friday, September 10, 2021,

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled in the long-standing court battle between Apple and Epic Games , telling Apple on the App Store. Please allow more than Apple's payment options in the apps we offer. '

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Epic Games, the developer of the popular battle royale game Fortnite, sued Apple in August 2020. Apple collects 15-30% of the sales of apps distributed on the App Store as 'commissions for distributing apps on the App Store'. Epic Games in order to avoid the collection of this fee, can be purchased in-game currency directly, ' EPIC directory payment was announced', Apple is 'not going through the App Store in-app billing as is not acceptable', iOS version Removed the Fortnite app from the App Store. In response, Epic Games has filed a lawsuit for 'fair competition.'

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In the past, several companies have said that the percentage that the App Store collects as a fee is too high, but Apple and Epic all over the world are officially disputing the app store fee in court. I was watching the fate of the Games court battle.

The trial started in May 2021, and officials from both companies appeared in court and continued to speak, but on September 10, 2021, Judge Rogers, who was in charge of the proceedings, ruled. We have ended the exchange for several months.

Judge Rogers has told Apple that it should allow options that don't go through Apple's payment system and allow app developers to direct users to those payment options. This injunction will take effect within 90 days (until December 9, 2021) unless Apple appeals.

In addition, Judge Rogers said that Epic Games had a fault with implementing EPIC direct payment in Fortnite while violating Apple's guidelines, and the sales that Epic Games should have paid to Apple It orders Apple to pay 30% ($ 3.5 million, about 380 million yen) as compensation for damages.

In this ruling, Judge Rogers clearly stated, 'The related market in this proceeding is digital mobile game transactions, not general games, nor is it Apple's own internal operating system associated with the App Store.' Stated. In addition, 'We cannot finally conclude that Apple is a monopoly under federal or state antitrust law, but in this case Apple is anti-compliance under California competition law. It has been shown to be competitive, 'he said, noting that Apple's App Store is not in breach of antitrust law. In other words, we concluded that it is not illegal for Apple to collect 15 to 30% of sales via the App Store as a commission.

In response to the ruling, an Apple representative said, 'The court has reminded us that we have always understood. The App Store is not in breach of antitrust law. Apple is doing business. We face fierce competition in every segment we do. We believe that customers and developers choose our platform because Apple's products and services are the best in the world. We believe the App Store is safe. We will continue to work to ensure that it is a reliable marketplace at Apple, 'he said, declaring that the case was a victory for Apple.

Meanwhile, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said, 'Today's ruling wasn't a win for developers or consumers. Epic Games is targeting 1 billion consumers with in-app billing methods and apps. We will continue to fight for fair competition between stores, 'he said, and will continue to seek a fair app store.

A spokeswoman for Epic Games told NPR that the company will appeal.

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