I tried using the devil's seasoning 'garlic lard' that can make any dish garlic.

When making instant noodles and salads, you will often feel that the taste is a little unsatisfactory.

If you use 'garlic backfat ', which is an SB food with plenty of garlic and backfat, you can make any dish into garlic abra mashimashi with a sense of immorality, so actually check the taste with ramen and egg-shaped rice. I tried it.

Garlic backfat | Seasoning with ingredients | S & B S & B Foods Co., Ltd.

The garlic lard package looks like this. The product name is written in bold black on a yellow background.

On the lid, the characteristics of the product are written as 'Gutsuri garlic and rich backfat salty sauce'.

Looking at the bottle from the side, the white oil and brown ingredients were separated.

The product name is 'seasoning with ingredients'. Raw materials include garlic flakes and processed pork backfat.

Calories are 327 kcal per 100 g.

When you open the lid, the scent of garlic spreads around you. Because you can see the oil that has separated and floated up ...

Stir from the bottom with a clean spoon.

If you put a spoonful of garlic backfat on a plate and observe it, you can see that it contains plenty of oily and soaked lard flakes.

If you eat it as it is, the saltiness is light and you can feel the sweet flavor of lard and the umami of garlic. The oiled garlic flakes had a crispy texture.

We prepared ingredients such as eggs and vegetables to make various dishes with garlic lard into garlic abra mashimashi.

First, try combining garlic lard and bean sprouts. Put bean sprouts on the tableware ...

Cover with plastic wrap and heat in the microwave ...

Complete with plenty of garlic lard.

When you actually eat it, you can enjoy the rich flavor of garlic and backfat while squeezing the bean sprouts, which is like the taste of Jiro ramen.

When you put the above bean sprouts on instant noodles, it looks like this. The punch of bean sprouts and the savory taste of backfat were added to the regular instant noodles, and you could easily enjoy the taste of Jiro ramen. In addition, the garlic backfat has a light salty taste, so you can enjoy the flavor of garlic and backfat to your heart's content without losing the overall flavor even if you sprinkle a lot.

Next, I put garlic lard on the white rice.

When you eat a bite, the white rice eases the punch of the garlic and makes you feel the sweetness of the backfat. Although it has a very simple structure, it makes you feel very satisfied, so it seems that you can survive the emergency situation of 'I can't prepare any side dishes!'.

Next, according to the official recipe of SB Foods, I put eggs, green onions, and garlic backfat on white rice to make '

Sinful taste! Explosive garlic backfat TKG '.

If you mix it well and then eat it, the flavor of the egg, the sweetness of the backfat, and the punch of the garlic are outstandingly compatible, and each taste complements each other, making the omelet rice feel like a higher-grade dish. It was also very good that the aftertaste was refreshing due to the aroma and crispness of the green onions.

Next, let's make a special sauce by mixing garlic lard and mayonnaise.

Put the same amount of garlic lard and mayonnaise on a plate ...

Mix well and you're done.

This time, I will try to eat the special sauce with stick vegetables and karaage.

When I ate it with cucumber, the sweetness of the backfat became less than when I ate it with garlic backfat alone, and it became a refreshing sauce combined with the acidity of mayonnaise. Even though the sweetness has become modest, the lard feels alive and well, and I can't stop looking for a crisp and refreshing taste.

Next, I'll put it on the karaage and eat it. The garlic that I ate this time had the garlic flavor from the beginning, but when combined with the special sauce, the very strong garlic flavor rampages in my mouth. The special sauce using garlic lard changed the crispy food into a coterie flavor, and the originally punchy food was able to enhance the punch.

The suggested retail price of garlic lard is 350 yen excluding tax. It is also available on Amazon.co.jp, but at the time of writing the article, a set of 6 can be purchased for 3980 yen including tax.

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