Laws on 'sex robots' are seriously required

Robots are widespread in industry and industry, and it is expected that the era of individual owners of robots will come in the future. The South Australian Legal Association has published a discussion in its newsletter on legal issues surrounding the spread of 'sex robots' among these personal robots.

The Bulletin --Law Society of South Australia --August 2021 by lawsocietysa --Issuu

Sex with robots: How should lawmakers respond? --Scimex

Legal Researchers Weigh in on How Future Laws Should Deal With The Rise of The Sexbots

In a 2017 survey , 49% of Americans said that 'sex with robots will become common within the next 50 years,' and the idea that sex robots will become widespread in the future is becoming commonplace. I can say. However, in the spread of sex robots, there are problems such as 'definition of sex robots', 'children's sex robots', and 'safety'.

With the spread of sex robots imminent, what are the issues to be resolved by laws and regulations? --GIGAZINE

The debate on these legal issues related to sex robots in the August 2021 bulletin of the South Australian Legal Association is a hot topic. In a 2019 study on medical practices performed by sex robots, as a result of summarizing the opinions of those who wish to use sex robots, those who wish to 'improve social anxiety' 'do not want to rely on one-night relationships and prostitution' ' We know that there is a high rate of motivation to improve the problem of premature ejaculation.

From these results, sex robots are thought to be useful for relieving sexual anxiety, empowering the elderly and disabled, treating erectile dysfunction, and providing a sense of security to those who have anxiety about sexual orientation. on the other hand, the 'sex robot female mono reduction to promote, women increase the risk of being victimized of sexual violence' also exists criticism that. In order to deal with such criticism, sex robots that incorporate a program that refuses sexual invitations from users to avoid the requirement for sexual crimes are also appearing in Australia.

The South Australian Legal Association has taken up the view that sex robots indirectly affect women. According to Maddy McCarthy of Flinders University, who is familiar with the law on sex robots, factors such as technological advances, increasing demand, and public interest will make Australian policymakers 'call for regulation of sex robots' in the near future. It is highly likely that you will face it. McCarthy said that while the current law does not have restrictions on sexual intercourse with robots, there are restrictions on 'sex robots that look like children' and 'balance personal and public interests.' We need to address ethical, regulatory and legal challenges. ' Associate Professor Tania Leiman, director of legal affairs at Flinders University, also said that sex robots should look at the possibility of promoting sex crimes. In most cases, the decision is close to the lower limit, even though it has been set. ' He argued that the fact that sexual abuse of robots was not considered as serious as sexual crimes against humans could distort the law.

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