Anti-cheat tool added to popular FPS 'Destiny 2', cheat measures may be an appealing point to healthy players

Cheating in online games such as FPS causes player churn, which is a source of concern for game developers. Bungie, an American game developer who works on the ' Halo ' series, added anti-cheat software ' BattlEye ' along with an update of the online multiplayer FPS 'Destiny 2 ' in a blog post on August 24, 2021 to strengthen cheat countermeasures. I announced that I did.

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Anti-cheat services in video games are now a selling point --Axios

BattlEye, added to Destiny 2, is anti-cheat software developed by BattlEye Innovations. Since it was released as external third-party anti-cheat software for 'Battlefield Vietnam ' in 2004, it has also been used in 'Rainbow Six Siege, ' ' PUBG, ' and ' Fort Knight .'

According to Bungie, the new Destiny 2 will include BattlEye, which will allow it to detect more active cheats. BattlEye isn't completely applicable in Destiny 2 all of a sudden, and we'll start with extensive testing in live games that requires a 'manual approval process' to ban users. If the test gives satisfactory results, it states that it will enable unreviewed automated user BAN before the in- game event Trials of Osiris is released on September 10. ..

Bungie is 'BattlEye the end the all cheat in Destiny forever' silver bullet I would like to clarify that it is not in. 'This is the fight and cheat, our strategy to improve the way cheat detection and BAN It's one step in, 'he said, saying that the fight against cheats will continue.

Bungie has been fighting cheats in many ways for some time, and in 2020, online game cheat tool Perfect Aim stopped cheating on Destiny 2 at Bungie's request. In addition to cheating for gameplay gains, Bungie also manipulates matchmaking to fight specific opponents, deliberately loses matches in exchange for rewards, and lends accounts to someone else. I explained in a blog post that it is also prohibited.

A cheat service that has a reputation of being 'not detected at all in the game' has been discontinued in response to an official request --GIGAZINE

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Bungie also revealed that incorporating BattlEye into Destiny 2 requires additional system resources, which can lead to frame and performance degradation after the update. It also explains that BattlEye also launches when the game launches, which may increase the initial launch time.

Also, on August 19th, five days before the addition of Battl Eye to Destiny 2, the new main map of Call of Duty War Zone, which will be released in the second half of 2021, 'PC cheat countermeasure system throughout the experience. It has also become clear that '' will be introduced. In recent years, game development companies have been strengthening cheat measures, and in the future, 'equipped with an anti-cheat function' may become an appealing point for healthy players.

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