Will Tesla's Autonomous Humanoid Robot Really Realize?

On August 19, 2021, Tesla announced the concept of a fully autonomous humanoid robot 'Tesla Bot ' with a height of about 170 cm and a mass of about 56 kg at the investor event 'Tesla AI Day'. Tesla has announced that the prototype will be available in 2022, but some media have questioned its realization.

Elon Musk Has No Idea What He's Doing With Tesla Bot --IEEE Spectrum


Elon Musk's'Tesla Bot' Is a Shitpost

Click on the video below to see an introductory video of the Tesla Bot starting at 2 hours 5 minutes 14 seconds in the Tesla AI Day video.

Tesla AI Day-YouTube

The first person to appear in the video is a person wearing a white suit. After dancing through the steps while taking light steps, you will leave.

After that, Mr. Musk introduces the concept of the Tesla bot. Tesla bots are humanoid robots that perform dangerous tasks and simple tasks on behalf of humans. In addition to being able to move joints by mounting electric actuators at 40 locations, eight cameras mounted on the head and an image recognition system used for full self-driving (FSD) of Tesla vehicles recognize the surroundings. That thing.

'Tesla is arguably the largest robot company in the world in the field of cars,' Musk said. Mr. Musk called the Tesla vehicle, which is equipped with AI trained with a large amount of video data and recognizes and navigates the surroundings by image recognition and neural networks, as a 'robot with wheels that has human-like perception' and 'Tesla. Car sensors, batteries and actuators are so good that it makes sense to turn them into humanoid robots. '' I think sometime in 2022, prototypes will come out. '

However, there are some questions about the realization of this Tesla bot. 'Mass doesn't understand what it means to realize a humanoid robot,' said Evan Ackerman of IEEE Spectrum , a tech media. 'Tesla cars are different from robots. Boston Dynamics and Agility Robotics have literally been working on the realization of humanoid robots for decades, but it's still difficult to do. Why is Musk suddenly feasible? 'But if Mr. Musk invests money and time to solve some problems, he will have some success in moving the whole field forward.' ..

VICE, an overseas media outlet, used the unmanned taxi that Mr. Musk announced in the past as an example. It hasn't happened yet, 'he said, questioning Mr. Musk's serious take on marketing methods that would inspire the world.

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