Intel finishes development of 'RealSense technology' that realizes 3D scanning, depth perception, face recognition, etc.

Intel announced that it will reduce its high-tech camera and sensor business and end the development of its 'RealSense technology' used for 3D scanning, depth perception, face recognition, etc.

Intel Says It's Shuttering RealSense Camera Business

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Intel's RealSense technology was introduced in 2014, and at the time of 2014 it was a technology that could identify facial features and individual fingers, but after that it shifted to face recognition technology. Introduced in January 2021, 'Real Sense ID' realizes a function that enables continuous face recognition even if physical characteristics such as human hairstyle and eyeglasses change over time, and various lighting conditions and various types. It also supports people with height and complexion.

Intel announces face recognition device 'RealSense ID' --GIGAZINE

However, according to information that Intel revealed to the news media on August 18, 2021, RealSense technology will be discontinued due to the contraction of the camera and sensor business. The decision appears to be influenced by RealSense team leader Sagi Ben Moshe's announcement that he will leave Intel in the first week of August 2021.

Intel told the press, 'We will end the RealSense business and focus on migrating computer vision talent, technologies and products to drive innovative technologies that better support our core business and IDM 2.0 strategy. 'We continue our commitment to our current customers and are working to ensure a smooth transition for our employees and customers.' The following article explains in detail the IDM 2.0 strategy aimed at expanding foundry services by investing more than 2 trillion yen.

Intel announced 'IDM 2.0' aiming to expand foundry services by investing more than 2 trillion yen, and it was pointed out that 'Apple Silicon is being manufactured' --GIGAZINE

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