Boston Dynamics releases a movie of a biped robot 'Atlas' jumping and bouncing backwards

Boston Dynamics, a robot development company, has released a new movie of the bipedal walking robot 'Atlas', which has been researched for a long time. This time, the two 'Atlas' are using the angled boards installed in a staggered manner as a good foothold to jump and run through, or breathe together to decide the back somersault.

Atlas | Partners in Parkour --YouTube

Atlas jumps over the angled scaffolding, like the 'Quad Steps' that appears at the beginning of ' SASUKE'.

Jump high to a distant scaffold.

The scaffolding installed at an angle to the curve also runs vigorously.

There is a thin scaffolding this time, but it landed without difficulty.

As the first Atlas jumped over the scaffolding, the second Atlas began to cross the thin scaffolding like a balance beam.

The second Atlas moves in the opposite direction on the foothold on which the first Atlas ran.

The first Atlas appears again, with his hands on the thin scaffolding and his body and legs lying down and jumping over.

Two Atlas on the same scaffolding breathe together ...

Somersault backwards.

After landing, somersault backwards again.

Landing brilliantly. Atlas in the back shows a gesture like a shoulder, and Atlas in the foreground seems to be obediently pleased with both hands raised.

A video that follows how these movements were realized is also released.

Inside the lab: How does Atlas work? --YouTube

Engineers who develop.

Humans are actually testing the course.

It's easy to see that Atlas didn't run well from the beginning, and that he made many mistakes and made adjustments.

According to the official blog, the moment the cut was heard, the technicians rushed to Atlas and immediately made changes for the next take. There are subtle mistakes that people watching the final video may not notice, and they are planning to make further improvements.

Atlas | Leaps, Bounds, and Backflips

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