Fixed some UI design changes that Twitter got a fierce backlash, leaving the confusing follow button intact

When Twitter made a major update to some of its fonts and UI design, users complained that the content was confusing and hindered when used. Twitter has announced that it has fixed some issues with UI design changes, but some issues are still left untouched.

Twitter to update'follow' button redesign after lots of confusion and unfollows

Twitter is changing the contrast of buttons again after complaints of eye strain --The Verge

On August 12, 2021, Twitter changed some fonts and UI design. The font has been changed to a new font called 'Chirp ', and updates will be updated sequentially from some users.

In addition, design changes have been made to increase the contrast of the colors used on the UI and significantly reduce the usage of the Twitter brand color blue. The account, Twitter Design, which controls Twitter design, explains that this change is to attract more attention to the photos and movies posted by users.

The design of the follow button has also been changed due to the change in the UI design, and in the past, 'following icons are displayed in color, unfollowed icons are displayed in the same color as the background color', but ' The icons that you follow are displayed in the same color as the background color, and the icons that you do not follow are displayed in color. ' Since the color of the icon has been reversed, users have reported one after another that they 'wrongly unfollowed' or 'wrongly followed', and even overseas, 'the color of the follow button has been reversed'. It's a situation that confuses users meaninglessly, 'said a voice criticizing Twitter.

Twitter design changes have become a big topic in Japan as well , and the Twitter trend on August 12 will include multiple tweets related to UI design changes such as 'Twitter UI', 'following', and 'follow button'. increase.

Regarding font changes, it has been pointed out that Chirp is harder to read than the Helvetica font that has been used so far. Also, while increasing the contrast of the UI design is beneficial for people with poor eyesight, some users have reported symptoms of eye strain and migraine headaches. As a result, Twitter's design changes have been criticized as 'not taking accessibility into account.'

Design researcher Alex Haagaard told the iPhone in Canada Blog , 'At the research and conceptualization stage, having a high level of involvement of the disabled community as a consultant is a fundamental problem where designers are testing. You can check if there is any, 'he said, saying that Twitter needs to improve the design from the perspective of people with disabilities.

In addition, Twitter accessibility related account 'Twitter Accessibility' said, 'Thank you for sending us feedback on the design change. We are checking the feedback. If you see a display bug, a screenshot of it. Please take a picture and send it to us. This will help you troubleshoot the problem. Also, if your font causes eye fatigue or headache / migraine, please check back in again. ' , Showed that it was willing to address the reported issue.

Later, Twitter Accessibility said, 'We received feedback from sensitive people that the new UI design was unpleasant, so we changed the contrast of all the buttons to make it easier to see. We also identified issues with Chirp fonts for Windows users. We are actively working on the fix. Please wait for a while. ”Tweet and revealed that some buttons have been adjusted for contrast and that we are checking for font issues. ..

However, the design change of the follow button, which has received the most criticism, has not been modified at the time of writing the article.

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