'Mitsuya Tokuno Lemon Squash' tasting review with fruit juice squeezed with lemon skin, what is the special concentration?

'Mitsuya ' which uses plenty of two kinds of lemon juice, 'lemon turbid juice' which contains a lot of fruit meat and has a strong fruit taste, and 'lemon juice' which specializes in 'fragrance' using even the skin. 'Tokuno Lemon Juice ' appeared on August 10, 2021. I actually drank how much 'Tokuno' was.

'Dense and delicious' from 'Mitsuya' born in Japan 'Mitsuya Tokuno Lemon Squash' New release from August 10 | Company Information | Asahi Soft Drinks


This is the Mitsuya Tokuno Lemon Squash package. The juice is less than 10% and the content is 500ml.

Ingredient names include sugar, followed by lemon juice, salt, and acidulants.

Calories are 26 kcal per 100 ml. It is 130 kcal when converted to one.

There was no particular scent the moment I opened the cap, but after a while, a nice citrus scent drifted a little.

When I poured it into a glass, the color was a slightly turbid cream color.

The moment you drink it, the sweetness of the cider fills your mouth, but after a few seconds, the sourness of the lemon follows. Lemon is not just scented, it has a strong acidity, and the aftertaste has a slight bitterness of the peel. The sweetness is strong as a whole, and it is not a sharp acidity, so it seems that it seems to be called grapefruit, but the citrus fruit feeling is certainly strong. It was a refreshing drink, so it tasted just right in the hot season.

In addition, Mitsuya Tokuno Lemon Squash is 151 yen including tax, and 24 bottles can be purchased at Amazon for 2280 yen.

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