Overseas media struggled to explain 'Full-Size Gundam' reflected during the Tokyo Olympic Games

The 'Tokyo 2020 Olympics ', which has been held since July 2021, was held without spectators due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but the state of the competition is being distributed all over the world. Meanwhile, overseas media reports that the BBC, a public broadcaster in the United Kingdom, is struggling to explain 'Gundam ' reflected in the background of the competition.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Commentator tries his best to say'Gundam'

The BBC's Twitter Account Thought Gundam Was A Transformer

BBC Commentator Can't Deal With The Massive'Gandum' At The Olympic Games | Know Your Meme

The triathlon men's triathlon held on July 26 was a course around Odaiba Kaihin Park, and the athletes who swam in the sea of Odaiba in the first swim ran in Odaiba, Aomi and Ariake districts on the next bike. At that time, it has become a hot topic in Japan and overseas that the statue of the full-scale Unicorn Gundam, which is a specialty of Odaiba, was reflected in the broadcast.

If you look at the video below, you can see that the statue of Unicorn Gundam is reflected around 35 minutes (21 minutes from the start of the race) and 42 minutes (28 minutes from the start of the race) from the start of the video. ..

[Makoto Odakura and Kenji Nener are here! ] Triathlon Men | Tokyo 2020 Olympics | NHK

The video of the triathlon boys is also being broadcast overseas ...

It also included the BBC.

I tried to explain the BBC's commentary when the Gundam statue was reflected, but '(the players) passed by this huge ...'Gundam'image. This is a kind of famous robot. Well, I don't know anything about this, 'commented. In addition to the fact that Gundam was broadcast, many people are talking about the fact that the commentary called 'Gundam' with a pronunciation like 'Gandum / Gandam / Gandumb'. In addition, a text was handed over to the actual situation later, and he explained that the statue was 'Gandam, a unicorn robot.'

Furthermore, in the sports climbing that started on August 3, the venue was Aomi Urban Sports Park, which is close to the Unicorn Gundam in Odaiba, so the Unicorn Gundam was reflected in the photos taken during the competition again.

On the other hand, when the official Olympic account called Gundam as a 'giant robot in the background,' fans said, 'No ... this is Gundam. It's not a robot.'

In some cases, the BBC official account called 'Transformers' and received a total tsukkomi.

The BBC official account posts a tweet that admits an error 20 minutes after the first tweet. However, in the reply column, he said, 'If Gundam and Transformers fought in the Olympics, which one would win?' In the reply column, 'Transformers are not qualified to participate in the Olympics because there are no humans on board. Gundam Sports that rely on the propulsion of machines like this will not be accepted by the IOC rules, '' Absolutely Transformers, '' Gundam with size advantages, 'and' Patraber wins in between. ' Has been done.

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