I tried 5 summer collaboration menus of Go Go Curry and Ministop, which sparked the Kanazawa curry boom.

Ministop has collaborated with Kanazawa Curry's chain store,

Go Go Curry, and a total of 15 types of limited-quantity collaboration products have appeared in two parts. The second of these is 'Heavy! Go Go Chicken Katsu Bento', 'Go Go Curry Soup', 'Go Go Curry Chicken Raw Pasta', 'Go Go Curry Hot Dog', and 'Grilled Cheese Go Go Curry Bread' on Tuesday, August 3, 2020. Since it appeared from, I actually tried it.

The addictive taste that is back! All 15 products supervised by 'Go Go Curry' -First release 7/20 (Tuesday), Second release 8/3 (Tuesday)-
(PDF file) https://www.ministop.co.jp/corporate/release/assets/pdf/20210719_10.pdf

Go Go Curry is back at Ministop this summer!
A total of 15 types of collaboration products supervised by Go Go Curry are now available at Ministop


I came to Ministop.

There was a poster on the shop front announcing the collaboration with Go Go Curry.

The 2nd collaboration menu 5 items 'Heavy! Go Go Chicken Katsu Bento (599 yen including tax)' 'Go Go Curry Chicken Raw Pasta (599 yen including tax)' 'Go Go Curry Soup (399 yen including tax)' 'Go Go Curry Hot Dog (307 including tax) I bought 'Yen)' and 'Grilled Cheese Go Go Curry Bread (159 yen including tax)'.

This is a go-go chicken cutlet lunch box.

Calories are 1138 kcal per package.

The raw material looks like this. The contents are 'fried rice', 'chicken cutlet', 'hamburger steak', 'curry sauce', 'spaghetti', 'rich sauce', 'pickled Fukujin with sesame seeds', and 'parsley powder'.

I opened the lid of the go-go chicken cutlet lunch box. What came into my eyes was a chicken cutlet with a generous amount of stir-fried rice and a generous amount of curry sauce.

When comparing the sizes of chicken cutlets and transportation IC cards side by side

From the side, you can clearly see that the stir-fried rice is piled up like a mountain.

The chicken cutlet comes with curry sauce. Since chicken cutlet is chicken, it has a voluminous yet light taste and goes well with rich curry sauce.

Fukujinzuke, which was under the chicken cutlet, has a slightly sweet flavor.

Stir-fried rice is like a curry-flavored pilaf. The curry flavor is not so strong, and the sweetness of the corn in the ingredients stands out.

The hamburger steak had a soft texture and a sweet sauce, so it didn't taste like curry.

Next is 'Go Go Curry Chicken Raw Pasta'.

The calorie per package is 616 kcal.

Ingredients include 'pasta,' 'curry sauce,' 'grilled chicken,' 'spinach,' 'processed cheese,' and 'mixed spice.'

When I open the lid, it looks like this. The sauce is on top of the pasta, and the grilled chicken and spinach are on top.

The grilled chicken was spiced with mixed spices and processed cheese.

The pasta is raw pasta, and it has a characteristic fluffy and chewy texture. The scent of wheat is strong, and it is as good as the scent of curry sauce on top.

The grilled chicken has firm elasticity, and you can feel the umami that is unique to chicken. It has plenty of curry sauce, but it was also delicious due to the spiciness and punchy taste of the mixed spices.

Go Go Curry Soup looks like this. The soup is hardened with gelatin, so you can't see the soup before you heat it in the microwave.

Calories are 182 kcal per package

The ingredients for the soup are 'boiled egg,' 'cabbage,' 'wiener sausage,' 'potato,' 'carrot,' 'onion saute,' and 'green beans.'

When you heat it in the microwave, the gelatin melts and it looks like this.

The soup is not just a diluted curry roux, but the umami-flavored onion soup is scented with curry spice, giving it a taste similar to soup curry. There is some spiciness that comes slowly after you eat it, but even people who are not good at spiciness can eat it without any problems.

It has a lot of ingredients such as boiled eggs, sausages, and vegetables.

And 'Go Go Curry Hot Dog' and 'Grilled Cheese Go Go Curry Bread'.

The calorie content of Go Go Curry Hot Dog is 366 kcal per package. Ingredients include 'sausage,' 'bread,' 'curry sauce,' and 'cheese.'

After warming the Go Go Curry hot dog in the microwave, I took it out of the bag. On a huge sausage, a generous amount of curry sauce and melted cheese are mixed.

A comparison of the sizes of sausages and transportation IC cards with a long side of 85.6 mm side by side.

When you hold it in your hand, you will feel the heavy weight of the sausage. When I tried it, the spiciness of the curry was mild with the thick cheese. The sausage is a little salty and has a very rich seasoning with curry sauce. Anyway, it was volumey and it was quite satisfying.

The ingredients for 'Grilled Cheese Go Go Curry Bread' look like this. The calorie is 273 kcal per piece.

The appearance of grilled cheese go-go curry bread is fluffy. Melted cheese hangs on the bread.

When I split it in two and checked the contents, it contained black curry roux and white cheese. Among the collaboration menus so far, the curry filling in this roasted cheese go-go curry bread has the closest taste to the black, thick and thick go-go curry roux. The spice flavor is also strong, so it may be the strongest of the five products. The spiciness of curry filling is a type that lasts slowly after eating, and it may be a little tough for people who are not good at spicy foods. However, it became mellow when I ate the white cheese part together.

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