Monster Energy's first non-carbonated sports drink 'Monster Super Fuel' tasting review

The first non-carbonated sports drink in the series, ' Monster Super Fuel, ' will appear in the energy drink '

Monster Energy ' on August 3, 2021 (Tuesday). There are two flavors, ' Blue Streak ' and ' Red Dog ', both of which are ideal for energy charging during sports, so I actually drank them and checked the taste.

'Monster Super Fuel Blue Streak' 'Monster Super Fuel Red Dog'

This is the 'Monster Super Fuel' package. The left is 'Blue Streak' and the right is 'Red Dog'.

First of all, I will try drinking from 'Blue Streak'.

If you look at the ingredients of 'Blue Streak', you can see that it contains ingredients suitable for sports such as glucose, citric acid, and vitamin B6. The content is 550ml, which is a little larger.

Calories are 12kcal per 100ml and 550ml per bottle, so 66kcal per bottle. The content of caffeine is 27 mg per 100 ml and 148 mg per bottle.

When I pour it into a glass, it looks like this. As the name 'blue' suggests, it is light blue and has a slight soda candy-like scent.

When you take a sip, the sweet and sour taste like mixed berries spreads in your mouth. Although the acidity and sweetness peculiar to artificial sweeteners remain on the tongue, the chemical feeling is light.

Next, we will sample the dragon fruit flavored 'Red Dog'.

There are some differences from 'Blue Streak', such as the fact that the raw materials contain sodium chloride and potassium citrate.

Calories are 10kcal per 100m and 55kcal per bottle.

When I drank a drink with a strawberry syrup color, the flavor of dragon fruit was sweet, and the overall impression was that it was sweeter and sour than 'Blue Streak'. It has a strong chemical feeling and sweetness remains on the tongue, so it seems to be suitable for situations where you want to drink after exercising like sweating and feel refreshed, but it is better than normal 'Monster Energy' with a lot of caffeine. Is not very chemical, so it is recommended when you want to easily replenish energy.

The price of 'Monster Super Fuel Blue Streak' and 'Monster Super Fuel Red Dog' is 230 yen excluding tax. It will be released in limited quantities from August 3, 2021.

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