I have eaten 'Uji Matcha Shaved Ice', a long-established tea shop, where you can fully enjoy syrup and ice cream using high-quality matcha.

July 21, 2021 ' Uji Matcha Shaved Ice', a long-established tea shop where you can enjoy 'Uji Matcha Syrup Shaved Ice' and 'Uji Matcha Ice

Cream ' using high-quality tea leaves from the long-established tea shop 'Morihan' founded in 1836. It has appeared in Sushiro since the day. It is said that the most picked high-quality tea leaves are made into shaved ice as it is, so I actually tried to see what kind of taste it had.

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Arrived at Sushiro to eat 'Uji Matcha Shaved Ice, a long-established tea shop'.

In the tabletop menu, the desired 'Uji matcha shaved ice from a long-established tea shop' is appealing.

Order 'Uji Matcha Shaved Ice from a long-established tea shop' from the built-in touch panel. There are two types of 'Uji matcha shaved ice from a long-established tea shop', 'with condensed milk' and 'without condensed milk', but this time I chose with condensed milk.

About 2 minutes after ordering, 'Uji Matcha Shaved Ice, a long-established tea shop' arrived.

When comparing the sizes of iPhone 12 Pro with a long side of 146.7 mm side by side, it looks like this.

Shiratama, warabi mochi, and red bean paste are topped on the shaved ice. Condensed milk is applied to the bean paste.

The shaved ice is full of characteristic Uji matcha syrup.

You can see Uji matcha ice cream at the bottom of the cup.

When you actually eat the shaved ice part, the Uji matcha syrup has a modest sweetness and you can feel the strong flavor of matcha. The ice has a crispy texture, and the coldness permeates from the mouth to the throat.

Anko is also seasoned with a modest sweetness that gives you the flavor of azuki beans. When eaten with shaved ice, the bean paste softens the coldness of the ice, so I felt the flavor of matcha stronger than when I ate it with shaved ice alone.

If you eat Shiratama and shaved ice together, you can enjoy the flavor of matcha along with the chewy texture of Shiratama. You can't feel the sweetness from Shiratama, so it's recommended to eat it with shaved ice and anko at the same time.

Unlike Shiratama, Warabimochi has a strong sweetness. By eating warabi mochi and shaved ice together, the unique flavor of warabi mochi and the flavor of matcha were combined, and I enjoyed a different flavor of matcha.

As you continue to eat 'Uji Matcha Shaved Ice, a long-established tea shop,' Uji Matcha Ice will appear. By the time we proceeded to eat matcha ice cream, the shaved ice had melted, and Uji matcha syrup and ice cream were mixed. Uji matcha ice cream is also seasoned with a modest sweetness, just like shaved ice cream. You can enjoy a very strong matcha flavor by overlapping the matcha flavor of ice cream and the matcha flavor of shaved ice that melts and mixes.

I actually tried 'Uji Matcha Kakigori', which is a long-established tea shop, and I feel that it is a dessert that can be recommended when you want to cool and refresh your mouth after enjoying sushi with a low sweetness overall. I did. Also, after eating shaved ice, you can drink tea on the table to reheat your body, so you can avoid the situation of 'I ate shaved ice and my stomach got too cold ...'.

'Uji Matcha Shaved Ice, a long-established tea shop,' has appeared in Sushiro nationwide from July 21, 2021 (Wednesday) for 363 yen including tax with condensed milk and 330 yen including tax without condensed milk.

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