I have eaten 'Fruit Snow Ice Melon' which cools the body from the core by adding soft serve ice cream and shaved ice to the fruit ice of sliced melon with mini soft serve

'Fruit Snow Ice Melon ' will be released in 2021 as a new lineup of ' Fruit Snow Ice ' that combines frozen fruit sliced fruit ice, vanilla soft ice cream, and shaved ice at the soft

serve ice cream specialty store 'Minisof' developed by convenience store chain Ministop. I joined from Thursday, 22nd of March, so I went to eat.

'Fruit Snow Ice Melon' New Release on July 22 | Mini Sof ~ Soft Ice Cream Specialty Store ~

I came to 'Mini Sof'.

I ordered this, 'Fruit Snow Ice Melon'.

The product was completed in about 10 minutes from the order. The left is 'Fruit Snow Ice Melon Flower' (600 yen including tax), and the right is 'Fruit Snow Ice Melon' (490 yen including tax).

As the name suggests, the flower is characterized by the fact that the upper part of the vessel is wide open like a petal.

Soft serve ice cream is placed in the center, and a lot of melon fruit ice is scattered on the petals.

The melon fruit ice, which is also packed under the soft serve ice cream, does not have a crunchy texture like shaved ice, but a crispy texture that crumbles finely like sherbet. The soft sweetness spreads in your mouth.

Further digging, shaved ice appears from under the soft serve ice cream. Perhaps because it is guarded by fruit ice and soft serve ice cream, it appears while keeping the kinkin cold, so it comes to cool the tongue and stomach that were already chilly with soft serve ice cream and fruit ice. The sweetness of syrup on shaved ice is different from the sweetness of melon and soft serve ice cream, and it is interesting that the sweetness comes in multiple layers.

The usual 'Fruit Snow Ice Melon' is also composed of soft serve ice cream, melon fruit ice, and shaved ice, just like 'Fruit Snow Ice Melon Flower'. Although the vessel does not have a part that spreads like petals, the diameter is larger than the flower vessel, so the amount of shaved ice is rather large.

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