I tried 4 kinds of McDonald's summer limited products such as 'Hawaiian barbecue Zaku cut potato & beef'

On July 28, 2021, eight types of McDonald's limited-time products that give you a feeling of Hawaii have appeared. In addition to the existing 4 products that appeared in 2020, such as

'Cheese Loco Moco ', 'Hawaiian BBQ Zakuri Potato & Beef ', ' Hawaiian Pancake 3 Kinds of Berry Sauce ', ' McFiz Sun Cassis & Orange ', ' McFloat' Four new types of 'Sun Cassis & Orange ' have been released, so I tried these new products.

'Hawaii Nau' at McDonald's this summer! Summer classics 'Cheese Loco Moco' and 'Garlic Shrimp' are back again this year! Excellent eating quality! A new product with 100% beef and spices, 'Hawaiian BBQ Zaku Cut Potato & Beef' is also available! 'Hawaiian Pancakes with 3 Berry Sauces' and 'McFizz®'
'Sun Cassis & Orange' is also available! All 8 types of Hawaiian menu will be available for a limited time from Wednesday, July 28th! | McDonald's Japan


From the left, 'Hawaiian BBQ Zakuri Potato & Beef', 'Hawaiian Pancake 3 Kinds of Berry Sauce', 'McFiz Sun Cassis & Orange', and 'McFloat Sun Cassis & Orange'. I bought it at eat-in.

First of all, I will try eating from 'Hawaiian BBQ Zaku Cut Potato & Beef'. Beef patties, potato patties and cheese are sandwiched between the buns.

Compared to a transportation IC card, it looks like this.

When you eat a bite, the crispy texture of hashed potatoes and thick beef, which is complemented by the spicy barbecue sauce with a faint curry-like spice scent, is outstanding. It is a burger with a simple composition of buns, beef, potatoes, cheese and sauce, but the sauce with more than 10 kinds of spices made it a taste that you will not get tired of.

Next, I will try 'Hawaiian pancakes with 3 kinds of berry sauce'. There are two pancakes and they come with berry sauce. Compared to a transportation IC card, it looks like this.

Sprinkle with berry sauce ...

Cut with the attached knife and fork. The pancakes, which have a fluffy texture and a slight sweetness, go perfectly with the berry sauce, which has a rich sweetness that makes it look like it has been boiled down.

Next, I will try 'McFizz Sun Cassis & Orange'. With strong carbonic acid, the flavor of cassis and orange, which emphasizes sweetness rather than acidity, spreads in the mouth, giving a refreshing drink. If you drink it after eating 'Hawaiian BBQ Zaku Cut Potato & Beef', it will neutralize the spicy spiciness and quench your thirst.

'McFloat Sun Cassis & Orange' had a creamier taste with less carbonic acid stimulation thanks to the float.

The price of 'Hawaiian BBQ Zakuri Potato & Beef' is 420 yen including tax, the price of 'Hawaiian Pancake 3 Kinds of Berry Sauce' is 290 yen including tax, and the price of 'McFiz Taiyo no Cassis & Orange' is 250 yen including tax, ' The price of 'McFries Taiyo no Cassis & Orange' is 310 yen including tax, and it is on sale at McDonald's stores nationwide except for some stores. 'Hawaiian BBQ Zaku Cut Potato & Beef' will be served from 10:30, like other regular menus.

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