The number of viewers at the NBC at the opening ceremony of the 'Tokyo 2020 Olympics' turned out to be the lowest level in the past six summer Olympics broadcasts

According to Video Research, the audience rating of the opening ceremony of the 'Tokyo 2020 Olympics' held on July 23, 2021 was 56.4% in Kanto and 49.6% in Kansai, which are quite high. On the other hand, NBC, which relayed the opening ceremony in the United States, had 17 million viewers in broadcasting and distribution, which was the lowest level in the six summer competitions since the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Olympics opening ceremony ratings fall to 33-year low --Axios

According to Austin Carp of the sports news site Sports Business Journal , the number of viewers at the opening ceremonies of the last six Summer Olympics has changed from 27.3 million in 2000 to Sydney in 2004 to 25.4 million in Athens in 2008. Beijing: 34.9 million → 2012 London: 40.70 million → 2016 Rio: 26.5 million. The 17 million people this time is a fairly low number.

However, according to NBC, 'the number of viewers of the broadcast' increased by 72% compared to the 2016 Rio Olympics and 76% compared to the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, and was broadcast on TV during prime time on Friday night. As an NBC program, it has collected the number of viewers since the Pyeongchang Olympics .

There are pros and cons about the content of the opening ceremony, but even without the good or bad, it was held without spectators in the first place and the number of participants was small, 'It is not the fault of NBC even if it lacks excitement.' Is a valid opinion.

In addition, due to the influence of the pandemic, the audience rating tends to be sluggish even in the Super Bowl and Major League Baseball World Series, so 'It is no wonder that the audience rating of the Olympic Games is low,' Axios of the news site said.

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