Taco Bell releases anime CM 'FRY FORCE' in which robot unit Fly Force fights against monsters to protect Nacho Fly

Taco Bell 's popular product ' Nacho Fly ' has been revived. However, because it is a popular product, Taco Bell has released a large-scale commercial that the manned robot army 'Fly Force' is repelling monsters in order to protect people's Nacho Fly because it is also targeted by monsters. I am.

Fry Force – Nacho Fries (Commercial) | Taco Bell --YouTube

A man who is leisurely eating a nacho fry on a floating ring in the sea.

What appeared there was a monster aiming for Nacho Fly.

However, the attempt is stopped in the immediate future.

It was a 'fly force' robot that stopped it.

Ray is on Robo.

Rei's younger brother Kosuke was once a robot pilot at Flyforce, but Kosuke was missing.

Still, Fly Force is fighting to protect Nacho Fly.

There is more than one monster aiming for Nacho Fly.

Not the Nacho Fly itself, but even street advertisements are targeted.

With the memories of eating Nacho Fry with Kosuke in my heart ...

Ray fights.

Ray's friends.

However, what appeared on the head of the giant monster ...

It was Kosuke who had been missing for a long time.

Ray can't hide the shock.

Still, because of Nacho Fly, Ray confronts ...


So, 'FRY FORCE' was just a commercial for Nacho Fly, but it was a work that I was very worried about. Can Rei bring Kosuke back to sanity ... In the first place, that robot and monster are ...?

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