The smartphone monitoring software 'Pegasus' may include 10 prime ministers, 3 presidents, and 1 king.

Regarding the smartphone monitoring software 'Pegasus' provided by Israeli security company NSO Group, it is reported that 10 prime ministers, 3 presidents and 1 king are included in the 50,000 phone numbers monitored. I did.

Heads of state found on list of numbers examined by Pegasus Project --The Washington Post

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This report on 'Pegasus' is a world in which more than 80 journalists from the security research institute of Amnesty International, an international human rights NGO, NPO Forbidden Stories, which helps journalists, and the media of 17 companies in 10 countries participated. Created by the general joint venture 'Pegasus Project'. The report reveals the existence of a list of more than 50,000 phone numbers that NSO Group customers have listed for monitoring.

This list of monitored phone numbers includes Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bhutan, China, Congo, Egypt, Hungary, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Mali, Mexico, Nepal, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia. Over 600 government officials and politicians from 34 countries, including Togo, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States, were included in the surveillance.

Smartphone monitoring software 'Pegasus' may have been used to monitor more than 180 journalists in 20 countries --GIGAZINE

'14 heads of state were under surveillance,' said the newly announced Washington Post, a major US press , President Emmanuel Macron of France, King Muhammad VI of Morocco, Prime Minister Saadedin Osmani, and Iraq. 10 and 3 presidents, including President Barham Sally of South Africa, President Cyril Lamaposa of South Africa, Prime Minister Mostafa Maduri of Egypt, Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri of Lebanon, and Prime Minister Luhakana Luganda of Uganda.・ One king was listed as a monitoring target. In addition, the Secretary-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom, was also being monitored.

Although it was confirmed that the telephone numbers of these 14 heads of state belonged to them by collating with public records and inquiring to government officials and close relatives, it is unknown whether they are currently in use. In addition, it is uncertain whether the Pegasus attack was actually carried out because the heads of state refused to hand over the smartphone. However, when 67 of the 50,000 phone numbers on the monitored list were subjected to forensic analysis , not only were traces of intrusion found from 37, but immediately after the list time stamp was updated. It was said that there were many cases where traces of intrusion or about to be invaded were found.

In response to a series of reports, the NSO Group said, 'The list of issues has nothing to do with us.' 'President Macron, King Mohammed VI, and Executive Director Tedros were not the targets of our customers.' The numbers were not always monitored by Pegasus, 'he said in a statement. Meanwhile, the French presidential office said it would investigate a series of reports, saying it would be very important if the information that President Macron's phone was being monitored by Pegasus was true.

News agency Telex of Hungary, and Lajos Simicska's son and lawyer, known as Zoltán Varga Mr. and millionaire of the country's leading run multiple media companies in Hungary has been a monitoring report . Hungarian officials reported finding multiple indirect evidence suggesting that they were using Pegasus to carry out confidential surveillance missions.

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