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A free summer update has arrived for the Nintendo Switch game ' Momotaro Dentetsu ~ Showa Heisei Reiwa is also a staple! ~'. After the update, until August 31, 2021 (Tuesday), the 'Momotaro Dentetsu Grand Prix (Momotaro GP) 2021 Summer ' will be held to compete with players from all over the country in an online random match, and the summer season until the next season's update. 'Momotaro Land Battle ' will be held with limited special rules.

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Research results that 'iron concentration in blood' affects human life span --GIGAZINE

A large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be removed by simply sprinkling crushed rock on farmland --GIGAZINE

What is the 'core loop' that is indispensable for making any game? --GIGAZINE

A grocery store that exploded in popularity when printed as 'adult video store' to reduce plastic shopping bags --GIGAZINE

A flamethrower that can be attached to a drone has appeared, expecting to exterminate beehives and shovel snow --GIGAZINE

Why doesn't drinking coffee or tea, which has a diuretic effect, cause dehydration? --GIGAZINE

Electron microscope resolution reaches 0.39 angstroms and world record breaks-GIGAZINE

Why was 'curry' accepted and popularized in British food culture? --GIGAZINE

If you are over 40 and work 25 hours or more a week, your cognitive ability will be adversely affected --GIGAZINE

I went to an experience workshop to make Kyoto famous confectionery 'Nama Yatsuhashi' from dough and handmade chewy raw Yatsuhashi --GIGAZINE

◆ Neta (memo, etc.)

Why can you understand the female kid? Easy commentary --Nico Nico Douga

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)

Neuroscientist David Eagleman 'Our brain functions like a' drug dealer '' | Before and after reading this article you are a 'different person' | Courier Japon

Corona therapeutic drug Approved by Chugai Pharmaceutical Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare First for mildly ill patients | New corona vaccine (in Japan) | NHK News

Japan Meteorological Agency resumes web advertising Stopping sound revenue reduced to 1/30: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Society / Politics / Economy (Case / World News / Business)
CNN.co.jp: Don't sue the woman who stole her dog, but instead bear the cost of drug treatment Canadian man-(1/2)

Rapid expansion of corona in Myanmar Medical system in coup d'etat 12 photos International News: AFPBB News

Olympics Opening Ceremony Keigo Oyamada's Song Not Used Organizing Committee | Olympic and Paralympic Games Management | NHK News

Infection information related to the Olympics Tokyo Metropolitan Government “Unable to grasp details” Coordinating with the Organizing Committee | Olympic and Paralympic Games Management | NHK News

Arrested 38-year-old suspected to dispose of PET bottles containing urine on farmland 'discarded many times' | Mainichi Shimbun

'It is impossible to dissolve in early September' The wind is strong and shocks the LDP | TV Asahi news-TV Asahi news site

Large-scale traffic regulation for the Olympics begins Congestion on general roads in Tokyo | Olympic and Paralympic Games management | NHK News

IOC Bach, president of the IOC, who is criticized in his native Germany and has tremendous power | Dominates the IOC and does not oppose it | Courier Japon

Mr. Keigo Oyamada's Remaining Organizing Committee emphasizes again 'Contribution is big' --Tokyo Olympics 2020: Nikkan Sports

CNN.co.jp: Tokyo Olympics, wary of the biggest heat wave in the history of the Olympics-(1/2)

The 'significance' of the Tokyo Olympics held by the Oripara Organizing Committee, which selected Keigo Oyamada, who is proud of 'bullying,' is all about 'Oh, Momo, Nah,' ...? | Bungei Online

British newspaper report 'Corona, rape suspicion, bullying scandal, Tokyo's dream shattered by missing player' | Concerned about Tokyo Olympics where problems continue | Courier Japon

Even if the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are held, it may not be possible (partly) -who logs

Mr. Keigo Oyamada's slapstick resignation drama just before the opening, criticism of chain resignation fear continued throwing and first change --Olympic general --Tokyo Olympics 2020: Nikkan Sports

The reason for the side reaction of the Olympic support staff 'The second inoculation is after the Games' [New Coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Olympic officials '15 minutes going out OK' mystery rule Government demands withdrawal --Tokyo Olympics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Corona Vaccine 'Like a State' About 40% of women in their 20s and 30s | New Corona Vaccine (in Japan) | NHK News

Mr. Koyamada's resignation is 'cursed' by the people involved in the tournament.

Mr. Oyamada's opening 4 minutes not used Organizing Committee 'I thought it would be allowed ...' | Mainichi Shimbun

Keigo Oyamada's Cousin Apology Announcement of Resignation 'I'm glad everyone who wields justice!' Tweet | News about Tokyo Sports news posted

The lawn is discolored by the torch relay, 16 million yen for complete restoration The prefecture covers most of it | Society | Local news | Kyoto Shimbun

Organizing Committee announces that Keigo Oyamada's song 'will not be used at the opening ceremony of the Olympics' Para charge also resigned: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Helping Ghosn escape: Former Green Beret sentenced to prison [Ghosn Court without protagonist]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tokyo and Osaka Number of people on Sundays Greatly exceeds the average of the previous “declaration period” | New Corona Number of infected people in Japan | NHK News

[Tokyo Olympics] The problem of 'Odaiba toilet odor' reignites in a week before the start of the competition! There is no way to deal with 'burning fertilizer' | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

Natsuo Kirino, the first female chairman of the Japan Pen Club 'Fighting Reactions and Discrimination' | Entertainment | NHK News

Keigo Oyamada Intention to resign from the Tokyo Olympics composers Tournament officials | Olympic and Paralympic Games management | NHK News

Soccer Japan-South Africa match availability talks Concerns about the spread of infection | Kyodo News

Keigo Oyamada announces a statement by a family group of people with disabilities by saying 'bullying' | Olympic and Paralympic Games management | NHK News

140,000 people submit signatures against the Olympics Chizuko Ueno 'decision' --Tokyo Olympics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Keigo Oyamada resigned from the music department at the opening ceremony of the Olympics Classmate bullying in the past | Mainichi Shimbun

“Free to go out within 15 minutes” after entering Japan Inappropriate notification to Olympic officials | Olympic and Paralympic Games management | NHK News

'Beverages brought in are Coca-Cola' Notifications and complaints flooded at school watching | Mainichi Shimbun

Mr. Oyamada offers to resign from the Organizing Committee 'Lack of consideration' --Tokyo Olympics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Bach Chairman IOC Session 'A tournament that shows the patience of the Japanese. It's time for Japan to shine.' --Tokyo Olympics 2020: Daily Sports

'Waiting at home indefinitely after inoculation' Tama Home president gives employees 'vaccine ban' | Bungei Online

About Mr. Shintaro Tanabe's remarks on SNS [Yamasa Soy Sauce Co., Ltd.]

Interview with Keigo Oyamada, who resigned, ridiculing a seriously ill patient.

Prime Minister Suga decides to 'become a tournament that is said to be good to do' at the Tokyo Olympics | Olympic and Paralympic Games management | NHK News

Prime Minister Suga 'Finally Exits' to Spread New Corona Infection at IOC Session | Reuters

Stealing 'placement' ... Living on the stairs of an apartment or arresting a man | TV Asahi news-TV Asahi news site

British Prime Minister refuses to lock down, saying 'only elderly people die', former aide reveals | Reuters

Moving into the Digital Agency was Yahoo's vacancy | Activity Report Blog

Panasonic President also sees off the opening ceremony Top sponsor of the Olympics --Tokyo Olympics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

'November House of Representatives Election' to the ruling party Decline in approval rating, procrastination as much as possible: Jiji.com

Abandonment of twin bodies Convicted of technical intern trainees without admitting 'enclosure' Kumamoto District Court | Mainichi Shimbun

Prime Minister 'It will be better from now on' The optimism prediction of the Olympics is totally collapsed [New Coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Replaced 2 educational programs of E-tele involving NHK and Mr. Koyamada: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A feeling of stalemate in the Suga Cabinet Vaccine, Olympics ... Lowest approval rating | Mainichi Shimbun

'Rule violation' dinner disposes of 1109 employees Osaka City: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Keidanren Chairman also absent from Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony | Kyodo News

Infection situation in Tokyo 'The biggest crisis: the possibility of more than 3000 infected people a day' | New Corona Number of Infected People in Japan | NHK News

Missing Ugandan player from Izumisano, Osaka Found in Mie Prefecture | Olympic and Paralympic Games | NHK News

Draft revealed His Majesty the Emperor did not express 'celebration' in the opening declaration of the Olympics | Bungei Online

Tokyo Metropolitan Government New Corona 1387 Infected Confirmation Increased by 557 from Tuesday one week ago | New Corona Domestic Infected | NHK News

About fraudulent vehicle inspection at Lexus Takanawa | Corporate | Global News Room | Toyota Motor Corporation Official Corporate Website

Juryo Takagenji approves cannabis use Responds to urinalysis Japan Sumo Association | Sumo | NHK News

'Kyoto University of the Arts' name proceeding settled First trial lost by Kyoto City University of Arts | Society | Regional News | Kyoto Shimbun

One Czech player confirmed to be infected in the Olympic Village 18 close contacts in South Africa | Coronavirus | NHK News

Did the hate disappear: 'Betrayal' by the hate elimination method Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. Nishida 'No regrets as much as Tsuyu' | Mainichi Shimbun

◆ Lifestyle (life / life / health)

What to put on 'Tokoroten'? Vinegar Joyu? Black honey? Dashi soup? (Tenki.jp supplement July 19, 2021) --Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

There was a reason why mosquitoes would come near even if I used insect repellent spray !? The secret to not being stung outside is (Ariyoshi Ritsu) --Individual --Yahoo! News

What's wrong with social sanctions-moral animal diary

◆ IT / Gadgets (Net / Software / Hard / Mobile)
Painful News (No ∀`): [Burning] Tokyo Olympics Cultural Program Manager 'Picture Book Writer Nobumi', Boasting Teacher Bullying in Autobiography, Good for 'When a 6-year-old Daughter Commits' --Live Door Blog

Show catastrophic popular comments on Hatena bookmarks-Qiita

Bill mistakes Measures to prevent recurrence, such as utilizing the review function of document software and training staff | NHK News

Painful News (No ∀`): Keigo Oyamada's cousin 'Yes, everyone's wishes for justice have come true, I'm glad!' --Livedoor Blog

Nobumi-san declines to appear in Olympic-related programs Criticizes online for remarks | Mainichi Shimbun

Notice of full SSL implementation of the group site to become a novelist --The official blog of the group to become a novelist

◆ Anime / Game / Manga (subculture)

A story that I thought I should go to bed immediately after reading 'Lookback' | Machinery Tomoko | pixivFANBOX

The rough stones are polished by suffering and conflict, and eventually become a comet 'star' that illuminates the surroundings! Interview with Hoshimachi Suisei | Up-Station-VTuber specialized media

Yamagami Karuta shakes-Nico Nico Douga

Yandere Simulator Kidnapping RTA 6 minutes 32 seconds (rerun) --Nico Nico Douga

Shuo Coral Talking about Nijisanji Koshien's Enthusiasm --Nico Nico Douga

Don't do it, such a fake notice of the movie version of Stray Light! - Nico Nico Douga

Levi Elifa who answers the intro quiz correctly in 0.43 seconds --Nico Nico Douga

Director Higuchi, swearing angry summary --Nico Nico Douga

Director Higuchi attracting ridiculous freshmen [Nijisanji Koshien] --Nico Nico Douga

Director Higuchi, who is sweet to Tsukino 'I don't want to be sharp, so for Tsukino' --Nico Nico Douga

Back arm group P face hairball-chan-Nico Nico Douga

Yandere Simulator Dedicated Kill 2RTA 4 minutes 8 seconds (new chart) --Nico Nico Douga

(Bonus) Yandere Simulator Fungirl's Trajectory --Nico Nico Douga

Magical DoReMi Millennium Puzzle-Nico Nico Douga

Cruel amateur voice actor ☆ .evangelion --Nico Nico Douga

[Holo Live Cutout Anime] Subaru feels bubbly in Lamy [Ozora Subaru / Yukihana Lamy] --Nico Nico Douga

The regular terrestrial program 'Project V' starring Mirai Akari, Sara Hoshikawa, Aoi Fuji, Haneru Inaba, and Suzuka Utako will be broadcast! Report on 'V-Clan' Online Press Conference | Up-Station-VTuber Specialized Media

'Fatamol, you've reached a meta score of 100.' ... So what happened? | Keika Hanada | note

Game Rice 4th 'Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Striker' --YouTube

PS5 ™ Fascinating Game Titles | Amazing Graphics-YouTube

PS5 ™ Fascinating Game Titles | Haptic Feedback-YouTube

PS5 ™ Fascinating Game Titles | Adaptive Trigger-YouTube

'Azur Lane' x 'THE IDOLM @ STER' collaboration short animation PV --YouTube

[Reading notice] TV animation 'Mieruko-chan' PV 1st --YouTube

TV Anime 'Kageki Shojo !!' Non-telop ED | Sarasa Watanabe x Ai Narada 'Star Traveler' --YouTube

Suntory THE STRONG Natural Water Sparkling x Anime 'Baki Hanma' Collaboration 'Bakibaki Quotations' 60 Seconds Suntory --YouTube

'Shin Eva' Hideaki Anno answers fans' questions! What scene do you want to add? 'Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version' Finale Stage Greeting-YouTube

VEE virtual talent audition special site

[MMD] Turbo, muffy! [Uma Musume x Gundam Neta] --Nico Nico Douga

檄! The Imperial Combat Revue --Nico Nico Douga

Movie 'Last of the Wolves LEVEL2' 15-second video, Battle of Hioka / Released on August 20 (Friday) --YouTube

Movie 'Last of the Wolves LEVEL2' 15-second video, Stop Uebayashi / Released on August 20 (Friday) --YouTube

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)

◆ New products (clothing, food, housing)
Del Monte has released a new vegetable / fruit mixed beverage 'Del Monte Veg +' containing 12 kinds of vegetables and fruits, which contains lactic acid bacteria, vitamin C, and dietary fiber! | Kikkoman

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