A robot hand that moves and clears NES Super Mario is born

A research team at the University of Maryland used a 3D printer to create a robot that behaves as smoothly as a human finger. This robot can adjust the degree of bending of the fingers by the pressure of the air sent in, and the appearance of clearing one side of 'Super Mario Bros.' is also open to the public.

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The research team is researching a field called 'soft robotics ' that reproduces the flexible movements of humans and animals with robots. According to the research team, in conventional soft robotics, when controlling the movement of the fingers of the robot hand, it was necessary to give different commands to each finger. Therefore, the research team worked on the development of a system that can control multiple fingers simply by switching the pressure of the air sent to the robot hand.

Also, according to the research team, assembling a complex machine such as a robot hand requires a high degree of expertise and a long working time. To solve this problem, the research team also developed a method to create a robot hand using a 3D printer.

The research team applied the robot hand created by the 3D printer to 'Pneumatic 0: Do not press any button (A)', 'Pneumatic weak: Press the right button of the cross key (B)', 'Pneumatic' according to the strength of the air pressure. : Press the right button and A button of the cross key (C) '' High air pressure: Press the right button and A button and B button of the cross key (D) ', 4 types of operations are set.

Furthermore, by setting the timing to switch the air pressure in advance, we have made it possible to clear the 1-1 side of Super Mario Bros.

In the following movie, you can see how the actually developed robot hand moves with Uneune and plays Super Mario Bros.

Robotic Hand Has Knack for Video Games --YouTube

The robot hand output by a 3D printer looks like this. There are two joints on each of the three fingers.

In the movie, you can also see how the internal parts of the robot hand move with swelling.

Move the robot hand with the air pressure and movement set as described above close to the controller and fix it.

Then, the robot hand started to move and the Super Mario Bros. play started. On the left side of the display placed in the back, the pressure of the air sent to the robot hand is displayed.

I arrived at the goal safely.

'At Super Mario Bros., a single mistake can quickly lead to a game over, so playing Super Mario Bros. can be a new way to assess the performance of soft robots. In this research, he talks about the significance of having Robot Hand play Super Mario Bros.

In addition, the research team is looking for ways to apply the technology developed this time to medical applications such as rehabilitation equipment, medical equipment, and customizable artificial hands.

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