Review of cupboard 'Arresta drainer rack (tray through which water flows)' that can be drained directly to the sink

The shelves for temporarily storing the washed dishes must be designed so that the water flowing down from the dishes does not drip and pollute the surroundings. Among them, the shelves that are designed so that the trays receive water will accumulate dirt such as water stains unless the trays are drained and cleaned regularly, which may increase the time and effort required for cleaning.

The pearl metal ' Arresta drainer rack (tray through which water flows) ' can reduce the trouble of draining and maintain cleanliness for a longer period of time.

Arresta Drainer Rack 3 Tiers (Tray for Water Flow) HB-1859

The tableware rack I usually use looks like this, and the tray and rack are made of metal.

The metal trays I have used so far do not have the function of draining water just by receiving it. Therefore, if cleaning is neglected even a little, it will calcify and become white and dirty, and the tray will rust in places.

We thought that such a situation could be prevented if the drainer rack was made of resin and had a drainage function, such as the 'Arresta drainer rack 3 stages (tray through which water flows)' used this time. The package looks like this.

The contents are side frames for left and right ...

Upper rack x 1, middle / lower rack x 2.

Upper / middle tray x 2 and lower tray x 1. There is a drainage hole in one corner of each tray.

A drainage nozzle was attached to the back of the lower tray.

And with 1 drainer pocket ...

It is a chain x 2.

A ring that acts as a stopper is attached to one side of the chain.

The materials of the parts are iron (epoxy resin coating) for the main body and cutting board holder, polypropylene for the tray and drain pocket, stainless steel for the chain, and vinyl chloride for the protective cap on the frame leg.

Assemble according to the assembly method described on the package.

First, fit the middle and lower racks into the bar at the bottom of the left side frame ...

Fit it into the right side frame as it is.

Fit the middle and upper racks in the same way.

Next, pass the chain through the holes in the upper and middle trays ...

Slide it under the upper / middle rack from the front and insert it. At this time, it is also possible to install the tray with the tray turned upside down.

The chain hangs down like this.

Insert the lower tray according to the direction of drainage.

The whole picture looks like this. The size including the upper rack and the protrusion of the cutting board reception is 39 cm in width, 29 cm in depth, and 56.5 cm in height. Each rack has a large barb on the front, and the actual height between the racks is about 17 cm.

Finally, attach a drainer pocket and you're good to go.

In actual installation, it should be placed right next to the sink so that water flows directly from the drain nozzle to the sink.

You can see how the water flows from the drain nozzle in the video below.

The appearance of water flowing in the 'Arresta drainer rack (tray through which water flows)' looks like this-YouTube

When I put the tableware, it looks like this. It is stable without shaking.

After actually using it for about 4 days, most of the water flowed, but the tray was often tilted at a shallow angle, or a small amount of water did not flow into the holes in the tray and remained on the tray. There is no noticeable stain, but a slight amount of water stains occur after the water droplets that did not flow. However, the tray is easy to remove, so if you use it to wipe off the water when you notice it, there seems to be no problem.

Also, since the chain through which water flows occupies the same space as the tableware, I was also concerned that I had to be conscious of placing the tableware away from the chain.

'Arresta drainer rack (tray through which water flows)' is also sold on, and the price at the time of writing the article is 3289 yen including tax.

Pearl Metal Arrestor Drainer Rack 3 Tiers Water Flow Tray HB-1859 | Drainer Rack

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