SEGA will be charged damages of 550 million yen for the 'probability limit setting' of the prize machine, 'It is a fraud that you can not get the prize unless you put in a certain amount'



SEGA's American corporation SEGA OF AMERICA said about the prize game machine 'Key Master', 'Although there is a mechanism such as not being able to get a prize unless you actually put in a certain amount of money, you can always get a prize depending on your skill. I'm pretending to be able to take it, 'he said, claiming damages of $ 5 million (about 550 million yen).

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Lawsuit claims Sega rigged arcade games'Key Master'

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'Key Master', which was the center of this appeal, is an arcade game aimed at winning prizes such as UFO catchers and crane games. A key-shaped arm is inserted into a keyhole-shaped frame, and the frame is safely inserted. A system where you can get the products inside if you go through. If you want to visually understand what the game looks like, the following movie will be helpful.

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Prizes are displayed in a row in the Key Master.

The action camera 'Go Pro', iPad and headphones are lined up on the upper shelf of the main product.

The arm is driven when the funds are invested. A system in which the tip of this arm is inserted into the keyhole corresponding to each prize, and you can get it if you succeed in unlocking it.

The plaintiffs led by Marcelo Muto, who lives in California, USA, sued SEGA OF AMERICA and Komuse America , an American prize game machine sales company, for violating the Consumer Protection Law and deceptive acts. Muto et al. Tell SEGA OF AMERICA and others $ 5 million, saying, 'The Key Master has a mechanism that makes it impossible to win prizes in the first place, but we have not told consumers that.' Claimed for damages.

According to the document, a genuine copy of the 'Key Master Instruction Manual' attached to this complaint, the Key Master is set to prevent you from winning prizes unless the player has reached a certain number of trials. By default, it is said that 'you can not win unless the number of trials reaches 700 or more'. In addition, there is a mechanism called 'Compulsory Upper Deviation' that causes an error of 0.4 mm at the minimum and 3.6 mm at the maximum in the player's operation, and no matter how accurately the arm is operated, blurring will occur. It seems that it is a mechanism.

From such a mechanism, Mr. Muto and other plaintiffs claim that they are encouraging play by misunderstanding that 'you can get a prize depending on your skill'. 'We haven't told the truth to consumers,' he complains to SEGA OF AMERICA and others.

This is not the first time a lawsuit involving Key Master has been filed. In 2013 and 2014, different plaintiffs complained that 'it depends not on the skill of the player but on the probability and the amount of money invested', and in 2019 Arizona said 'other than the casino'.

Probability machine is illegal. ' The proceedings ended with a $ 1 million settlement payment, in addition to an agreement not to sell or lease Betson Coin-Op's Key Master in the future.

As of July 2021, Key Master is not listed on the Sega Amusements page , so it seems that it is no longer available, but there is a prize machine called 'Prize Locker' with almost the same system. Since this Prize Locker is described as '100% Skill', it seems that there is no mechanism that makes it impossible to obtain the prize that was a problem with Key Master.


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