Ministop 'Shine Muscat Soft' tasting review that does not stop because the fruitiness of Shine Muscat overflows even though it is a soft serve ice cream

'Shine Muscat Soft ', which is a smooth soft serve ice cream with the rich sweetness and aroma of 'Shine Muscat' grapes that can be eaten with the skin, has been released at Ministop since July 9, 2021. By pureing Shine Muscat with its skin, it has a fresh taste that makes you feel like you are eating Shine Muscat as a whole, so I actually tried it.

The first flavor in Ministop history! 'Shine Muscat Soft' will be released sequentially on 7/9 (Fri.) The deliciousness of 100% domestically produced Shine Muscat juice is tight.
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Arrived at Ministop.

Shine Muscat software was appealing at the store.

Shine Muscat software can choose cup and cone, so this time I chose cup.

Compared to the iPhone SE with a total length of 138.4 mm, this size is about this.

The color is creamy green, and at first glance it looks like pistachio or matcha. I didn't feel the scent of fruits before eating.

…… But when you put it in your mouth, the strong scent of Shine Muscat spreads out and it has a tremendous fruitiness. It doesn't feel like 'juice as it is' like sherbet, but it is said that 'milk fat content is suppressed' to enhance the fruitiness, so the moderate milk flavor enhances the sweetness of the fruit. It's a feeling. Shine Muscat has a strong fruitiness, so I could eat it refreshingly even on a hot summer day.

Shine Muscat software is 290 yen excluding tax.

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