I tried 3 types of collaboration products between Lawson and 'Menya Ichito' such as 'Spicy Pork Curry Ramen' which is a thick noodle with outstanding spiciness.

'Spicy pork curry ramen, ' ' chilled pork soy sauce ramen, ' and ' cheese curry rice ball ' supervised by the

ramen shop 'Menya Ichito, ' which originated in Tokyo and is expanding nationwide, will be available from Tuesday, July 6, 2021 at Lawson. Has appeared in. I heard that you can enjoy the soup that is entwined with the thick, chewy noodles and the rice balls that contain the melty cheese, so I tried all three types.

7/6 Start Announcement (Torou) | Ramen Torou | Menya Ichito
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Supervised by Ramen Itto Spicy Pork Curry Ramen | Lawson Official Website

Supervised by Ramen Itto Cold pork soy sauce ramen | Lawson official website

Supervised by Ramen Itto Cheese Curry Rice Ball | Lawson Official Website

I bought 3 types at Lawson.

First of all, I will try 'Cold pork soy sauce ramen'.

Boiled Chinese noodles, salty sauce, and gomadare are used as raw materials.

Calories are 695 kcal per package.

The ingredients are purple onions, cucumbers, fried balls with chili peppers ...

Boiled eggs, cabbage, bean sprouts and pork. The pork is covered with mayonnaise with toubanjan and garlic.

First, remove the sauce, salty sauce, and the cup containing the ingredients from the bowl ...

Place all the ingredients on the noodles.

And, with salty sauce and sauce ...

Mix well.

The noodles are thick and chewy, and have a texture similar to that of Ramen Jiro's noodles. The soup, which is a combination of sesame sauce and salty soy sauce, has a strong flavor and stands out as well as the spicy spiciness of chili peppers and the savory taste of garlic. The bean sprouts and cucumbers are crispy, and the well-seasoned pork is light enough to rest with chopsticks. Because the noodles are thick, the noodles are chewed more often, making it a dish that gives you a feeling of fullness more than it looks.

Next, I will try 'Spicy Pork Curry Ramen'. The package looks like this.

Stir-fried backfat garlic and mackerel knot powder are used as raw materials.

Calories are 815 kcal per package.

In addition to cabbage and bean sprouts, the ingredients are ...

Boiled egg and roast pork.

This is because it is difficult to stir-fry.

There was mackerel knot powder between the noodles.

Warm at 500W for 5 minutes and 30 seconds in the microwave.

This completes.

The curry soup is melting.

When you mix it well and eat a bite, the curry soup, which is so dry that your tongue hurts, is entwined with the chewy thick noodles, making it a chewy dish. Since the flavor of mackerel is mixed with the spiciness of chili peppers, it is a Japanese-style curry soup with a scent of soup rather than a 'curry with plenty of spices'. It's a spicy curry ramen that makes you sweat, so it's recommended for people who want to eat spicy food in the hot summer.

The last is 'Cheese Curry Rice Ball'.

Cheese curry sauce and other ingredients are used as raw materials.

Calories are 189 kcal per package.

It says 'warm and delicious', so actually heat it in the microwave.

I took the warmed one out of the bag.

When I broke it in half, there was a little cheese that stretched from the inside.

When I try to eat a bite, it is considerably milder than 'Spicy Pork Curry Ramen', but the spiciness that comes in afterwards. The texture of the rice grains is moist, and the roast pork has a soft texture that makes it easy to eat, yet it is a rice ball that you can fully enjoy the taste of cheese curry.

The price of 'Spicy pork curry ramen' and 'Cold pork soy sauce ramen' is 598 yen including tax. The price of 'Cheese Curry Rice Ball' is 160 yen including tax. 'Cold pork soy sauce ramen' is not available in the Kanto area.

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