Britain may ban the act of boiling lobsters and octopuses as they are, due to a new law that 'crustaceans and mollusks should also be subject to animal protection'

The 'Animal Welfare (Sensory) Law' is being deliberated in the United Kingdom, which clearly states that crustaceans and mollusks should be included in the definition of 'animals' covered by the existing Animal Welfare and Protection Law. If this bill is passed, it may be prohibited to boil lobsters and octopuses without fainting from the viewpoint of animal welfare.

Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill [HL] --Wednesday 16 June 2021 --Hansard --UK Parliament (Sentience) Bill (HL)

Boiling lobsters alive to be banned under new Government legislation | Evening Standard

Boiling Lobsters Alive Is About to Become Illegal in UK Thanks to Animal Welfare Concerns

UK Parliament debates whether to enshrine in law the idea of animals as sentient beings animal welfare --The Washington Post

The Animal Welfare (Sensory) Act, which is under deliberation in the Senate as of July 8, 2021, initially states that 'all vertebrates are legally conscious. Consciousness is joy, pain, etc.' It has positive and negative feelings. ”“ The Animal Sensation Committee, a specialized committee that examines whether the central government's policy-making has taken into account the impact of conscious animal welfare on welfare. It stipulated three points: 'to establish a new one' and 'to oblige the ministers concerned to respond to each report from the Animal Sensation Committee through a statement to the Senate.' However, as a new amendment, the scope of application is about to be further expanded, saying that crabs, shrimp, octopus, squid, etc. can also feel pain and 'include crustaceans and mollusks'.

This move was due to claims by Crustacean Compassion, an organization that seeks humane treatment of crustaceans, that ' decapods and cephalopods are also conscious.' The Animal Welfare Act enacted in 2006 has a provision that 'crustaceans and mollusks should be included if'sufficient evidence'of consciousness is found' in recent years. Many papers say that octopus and shrimp are also conscious, such as ' Review of the Evidence for Sentience in Decapod Crustaceans and Cephalopod Molluscs'. It was the situation that was submitted.

The Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, sponsored by the British Veterinary Association, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and Carrie Johnson, the wife of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has expressed support for the bill. If the law is passed, it is expected that the act of boiling crustaceans without stunning or freezing, and the act of shrink-wrapping shellfish alive will be regulated.

The British government is expected to publish an official view on the scientific evidence of whether cephalopods and decapods are perceptual. 'There is ample evidence that delicate and fascinating creatures, crustaceans, can feel pain and suffering,' said Maisie Tomlinson, co-director of Crustacean Compassion, who played a major role in the bill submission. Crustaceans are treated badly in the food industry. I have received it. '

Prior to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway and New Zealand prohibit the act of boiling lobster alive. The following article explains the 'humane tightening method of lobster' advocated by animal welfare organizations.

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