Is President Biden instructing the creation of a draft regulation that prohibits manufacturers from restricting 'rights to repair'?

When an electronic device such as a smartphone breaks down, each manufacturer limits the repair by the user. However, there are cases where manufacturer repairs force users to pay a high repair fee or replace their handsets, and there are calls for ' right to repair' as it is disadvantageous to consumers. Meanwhile, it is reported that the Biden administration in the United States will order the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to create a rule that prohibits manufacturers from restricting their 'right to repair.'

Biden Sets Up Tech Showdown With'Right-to-Repair' Rules for FTC --Bloomberg

US President Joe Biden to Direct FTC to Draft Right to Repair Rules --MacRumors

Manufacturers of smartphones and PCs limit who can repair the device, and genuine parts and tools are not sold to the general consumer. IFixit , a company that sells repair information and repair equipment for electronic devices, claims that the situation where only the manufacturer or some vendors can repair the device violates the user's 'right to repair'.

Approaching the actual situation of the disjointed disassembly group 'iFixit' that says 'repair is a user's right' --GIGAZINE

In addition, there is an opinion that strict restrictions on product repairs by manufacturers encourage the disposal of products, and not only the financial burden on consumers but also the guarantee of 'right to repair' from the viewpoint of environmental protection. There is also an opinion that you should ask the manufacturer.

In addition to smartphones and PCs, there is a dispute between manufacturers and farmers over the 'right to repair' tractors that support American agriculture.

Why are farmers cracking (modifying) software that manages tractors? --GIGAZINE

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On the other hand, if the manufacturer allows third-party access to the underlying software and services, the battery may be improperly installed in the smartphone, or the tractor may be modified to ignore environmental issues and safety. Claims that it may endanger the user himself.

Calls for 'right to repair' are rising all over the world, and some countries and local governments legally recognize 'right to repair'. For example, in the United Kingdom, a law guaranteeing the 'right to repair' was enforced on July 1, 2021. However, high-tech products such as smartphones and laptops are not covered.

The UK enforces a law that guarantees the 'right to repair', but not for smartphones and laptops-GIGAZINE

According to Bloomberg reports, President Biden will issue an executive order to force the FTC to create rules that prevent manufacturers from restricting 'consumers and unlicensed vendors to repair handsets.' It is planned. The size and scope of the rules will ultimately be decided by the FTC, but the executive order will also mention electronics manufacturers and repair contractors such as Apple and Microsoft, Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg reports that an executive order banning restrictions on 'rights to repair' will be issued in early July 2021. 'The new presidential decree promotes economic competition, lowers prices for American families, and raises wages for American workers,' Brian Deese, an economic adviser to the U.S. presidential office, told Bloomberg. The purpose is to do that. '

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