The kiln-baked pizza 'Mister Donut', which is too authentic for Mister Donut, has appeared, so I tried all 5 types.

From Mister Donut, which sells a number of donuts, the original kiln-baked pizza ' Missed Pizza ' has appeared. There are five variations, ' Margherita ', ' Mochi chicken teriyaki mayo ', ' Hokkaido corn cream pizza ', ' Charcoal-grilled ribs ', and ' Cheese-loving pizza ', all of which you can enjoy the authentic taste of freshly baked. That's why I tried all 5 types.

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'Mister Donut' is available only at 13 stores in Hokkaido, Iwate, Fukushima, Tokyo, Osaka, Kagawa, Kumamoto, and Okinawa. This time I decided to order at a store in Osaka. Arrived at the store.

At the entrance, the banner of

'Mister Donut ' was hung next to 'Mugyutto Donut' that appeared on June 11.

There are three sizes, S size, M size, and L size, but only M size and L size can be taken out. This time, I bought all 5 types of M size as takeout.

When I open the lid, it looks like this. The top three are 'Margherita', 'Cheese-loving pizza' and 'Hokkaido corn cream pizza' from the left, and the bottom two are 'Charcoal-grilled ribs' and 'Mochi chicken teriyaki mayo' from the left.

It also comes with red hot chili for charcoal-grilled ribs and honey for cheese-loving pizza.

First of all, we will sample from Margherita. It looks like a simple pizza topped with basil and tomato sauce. The calorie of M size is 751 kcal.

I compared the size with a transportation IC card. The diameter is about 25 cm.

When you eat a bite, it has an orthodox taste that is a combination of mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese, which are modestly seasoned, and tomato sauce, which is sweetly seasoned.

The part of the dough on which the ingredients are placed is quite thin, and the part of the Mimi is a little thick. Although it has a savory texture, it is not a crispy type with a unique fluffy and chewy texture. You can feel the flavor of wheat firmly, and it enhances the taste of ingredients such as tomato and cheese, which are the main characters. GIGAZINE

often reviews delivery pizzas, but on a different route, it was a full-fledged finish as offered at a restaurant.

Next, I'll try cheese-loving pizza. Four types of cheese are used: mozzarella cheese, camembert cheese, mixed cheese, and parmesan cheese. The calorie of M size is 999 kcal.

Sprinkle the included honey.

The thick cheese has a soft, slightly burnt scent. The large Camembert cheese on top of the pizza brought a rich flavor, and it went well with sweet honey, making it an irresistible dish for cheese lovers. Neither mozzarella nor camembert has a strong smell or habit, so I was able to eat it easily while having plenty of cheese.

Next is the cream pizza from Hokkaido corn. The whole pizza is covered with corn, cheese and mayonnaise. The calorie of M size is 950 kcal.

When you eat a bite, the cheese flavor is light and the sweet corn cream scent drifts softly. The corn has a crispy texture and is sweetened overall. The finish is such that it can be eaten as a light meal.

The fourth is charcoal-grilled ribs. The scent of charcoal has been tremendous since the lid was opened, and it has a strong impact from the outside. The calorie of M size is 931 kcal.

Sprinkle the included red hot chili with a blend of chili, fried onion, fried garlic, etc.

When you eat a bite, the meat is greasy and tender, and the sweet and spicy sauce and the scent of charcoal make it a satisfying finish. It is a dish that can be eaten tightly due to the synergistic effect of the spicy taste of Red Hot Chili. Since the dough is durable, you can enjoy the deliciousness of both the dough and the ingredients without sucking fat and becoming messy.

The last is Mochi Chicken Teriyaki Mayo. The calorie of M size is 1007 kcal.

The teriyaki sauce is sweet and has a somewhat Japanese flavor due to the presence of the abundant seaweed, giving it a unique taste that is a little different from other pizzas. The chicken claim is small but well seasoned. The mochi is not 'mochi' but 'a little soft'. You can feel the crispy texture of onions, and it is a highly satisfying finish as a staple food.

All five pizzas have high quality ingredients and the dough can be tasted well. The 'deep cheese and sauce' that is often found in pizza does not hide the taste of the ingredients, and the finish is such that you can fully enjoy each taste. The pizza was so authentic that the editorial staff said, 'I don't think Mister Donut is coming out in a good way.'

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