What is the 'origin of mobile phones' that was first developed in the world 75 years ago?

Mobile phones that can make calls anytime, anywhere have become a necessity for modern people. It is thanks to decades of technological development by many scientists and engineers that it has become possible to carry a phone outdoors, which would otherwise be impossible to make a call without a telephone line. Smithsonian Magazine, a scientific news site, describes the communication service that was the origin of mobile phones developed 75 years ago.

The First Mobile Phone Call Was Made 75 Years Ago | Innovation | Smithsonian Magazine


The Mobile Telephone Service (MTS), developed by Southwestern Bell Telephone Company (now AT & T ) on June 17, 1946, made the world's first mobile phone in terms of 'outdoor radiotelephone'. , Mobile phone service) '.

The following movie is a promotional video of MTS by Southwestern Bell Telephone Company.


MTS is the world's first commercial car phone service.

Take out the handset installed in the car ...

A man sitting in the passenger seat makes a phone call.

Phone first

exchange hands lead ...... in

You will be connected to the phone of your company boss.

I am using a mobile radiotelephone system to make calls from a driving car. With radio towers installed in various places ...

Wireless communication is performed with a moving car.

Since the radio tower was built along the highway, it was mainly used along the highway.

The frequency of radio waves is in the 150MHz band, and the range of radio waves is about 25 miles (about 40km), which is enough to cover just one city.

It is said that MTS radio towers were

actually built in big cities, mainly in St. Louis , Missouri.

A wireless antenna will be installed on the roof of a car that uses MTS.

The wireless communication device is loaded in the trunk.

A radio device that weighs about 80 kg is quite large and puts a lot of pressure on the capacity of the trunk.

In addition, wireless devices consume a large amount of electricity, so it was necessary to install a large battery.

Although the MTS is not a 'mobile' phone, it is the originator of the commercial mobile wireless communication systems required for mobile phones. The basis of the mobile wireless communication system itself is the transceiver 'Handy Talkie' or ' SCR-536 ' used by the US Army in World War II. The developer, Galvin Manufacturing, is the predecessor of the American telecommunications company Motorola.

The world's first 'mobile phone that enables calls while walking on the street' was invented in 1973, and was announced by Motorola in 1983 as the ' DynaTAC 8000X ' commercial mobile phone for the general public.

The first mobile phone in human history was born 38 years ago-GIGAZINE

'It's always hard to predict where technology will go, but there's no doubt that future technology will be built on decades of research and development,' said Smithsonian Magazine.

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