Apple sends a warning letter to a leaker that handles highly accurate leak information

Apple has strict non-disclosure agreements with suppliers of iPhone and Mac parts, and it is known that high fines are imposed for information leaks about new products. Still, leak information about the new iPhone and new Mac is endless, but it has become clear that Apple has newly sent a warning letter to a prominent leaker, indicating its intention to take legal action. It was.

Apple reportedly sends warning letter to Chinese leaker --The Verge

'Kang ' is the top-rated leaker on AppleTrack, a site that evaluates the 'accuracy' of Apple-related leak information. He is known for accurately leaking all four models, their pricing, coloring, and release date before the iPhone 12 series, launched in 2020, was announced.

Mr. Kang revealed that he received a warning letter from Apple on Weibo, a popular SNS in China, to 'take legal action'. According to Kang, the warning letter came from Apple's law firm, and Kang's leaked information could lead to sharing information with Apple's competitors, or false statements about upcoming devices. It was stated that there was a possibility of providing information to customers.

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In addition, Mr. Kang claims that he has never signed a nondisclosure agreement with Apple and has never published private photos or profited from leak information. ..

Kang isn't the only one to receive a similar warning from Apple. Ben Geskin, who handles leak information and image CG related to smartphones, tweeted, 'I received the same warning letter last year.'

However, @ L0vetodream, a Twitter account also known for handling Apple-related leaks, tweeted that 'I have never received it,' so all leakers receive the same warning. It doesn't seem to be the case.

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