When will the global semiconductor shortage improve?

The global shortage of semiconductors is affecting the production of many

products such as CPUs, GPUs , automobiles and home appliances. Technology-related media, The Verge , summarizes the current state of semiconductor shortages and forecasts of future improvements.

The chip shortage will likely get worse before it gets better --The Verge

There are semiconductors made with the latest process rules that have been miniaturized and those made with old process rules, and semiconductors made with the latest process rules are PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , high-end. Semiconductors used in the production of CPUs / GPUs and made with old process rules tend to be used in the production of low-end CPUs / GPUs, home appliances, automobiles, etc.

The popularity of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is tremendous, especially PlayStation 5 is showing strong sales that Sony says 'it has made the biggest start as a game machine ever ', and in May 2021 Sony's Hiroki Toki, CFO, said, 'The shortage of PlayStation 5 may continue into 2022.'

Sony predicts PS5 supply shortage will continue into 2022-GIGAZINE

In addition, as the value of crypto assets has risen, many

GPUs have been purchased for mining purposes, and the shortage of GPUs has been prolonged. In light of this situation, The Verge argued that 'the shortage of semiconductors made with the latest process rules is simply because the demand for those products is too high,' and 'recently the price of GPUs has risen. It started to fall, but this was due to the impact of tighter regulations on crypto assets, not the improvement in semiconductor supply shortages. '

Graphic card prices plummeted, due to tightening Bitcoin regulations in China-GIGAZINE

On the other hand, in the automobile and home appliances industries that use semiconductors with relatively old process rules,

some functions are restricted due to the shortage of semiconductors, and it is necessary to stop the operation of production factories, which has been greatly affected. I will. The Verge found that about 92% of the precision processors shipped worldwide and 60% of in-vehicle processors are made by TSMC, and that TSMC has secured a production line to produce chips for Apple. that ' coverage on the basis of,' TSMC is when it is focused on the production of semiconductor of the latest process rules, semiconductor production of automobiles and consumer electronics products have pointed out that more and more will decrease '.

Reported that the global market is too dependent on 'TSMC', which is responsible for Apple and AMD chip manufacturing --GIGAZINE

The Verge said about the time when the global semiconductor shortage would be resolved: 'In early 2021, there was a prediction that the semiconductor shortage would be resolved in the summer, but June is over. However, there are no signs that the semiconductor shortage will be resolved. ' 'It will take at least a few months before these efforts come to fruition,' he said, citing Intel and Samsung announcing the expansion of semiconductor factories and the US government embarking on support for the construction of semiconductor factories. I point out.

Finally, The Verge concludes, 'As the holiday season approaches and the entire market is competing for semiconductors, there is no doubt that production cuts, price hikes and component shortages will worsen.'

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