What would happen if the Earth turned into a 'super giant blueberry mass'?

The Earth is thought to be the collection of interstellar gas and dust that formed the solar system. A paper was published in which scientists at Oxford University in the United States seriously addressed the simple question, 'What if the earth was made of sweet and delicious blueberries instead of rocks?'

Blueberry Earth
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Blueberry Earth – Andart II

What if the Earth was made of blueberries?

This time, answered the question of 'What happens When the Earth became a blueberry?' Is, of Oxford University, Institute for the Future of humanity , senior researcher at the (Future of Humanity Institute) Anders Sandberg is Mr.. Mr. Sandberg specializes in neuroscience, but he also has a deep knowledge of astronomy and physics, and he is an alien who appears in papers dealing with Fermi paradox , which has been a difficult problem about extraterrestrial civilization, and science fiction novels. I have also published a study discussing the super-giant structure of.

One day, Mr. Sandberg wrote on the Physics Stack Exchange , an online bulletin board used by physicists and students, saying, 'If the earth is instantly replaced by a mass of blueberry grains, what will happen to the scenery seen by people on the earth? I saw the question '?' This question was quickly removed because the Physics Stack Exchange was hoping for a hypothetical question, but intrigued Sandberg immediately set about researching 'Blueberry Earth.'

Sandberg first assumed that the blueberry variety was Vaccinium corymbosum , a North American edible blueberry. This blueberry weighs 700 kg per cubic meter and is less than one-seventh the density of the rocks that make up the Earth, so when the Earth becomes a blueberry, its gravitational pull is reduced to 13% of what it is today. Therefore, it is thought that the earth will not be able to keep the satellite in orbit and the moon will fly somewhere. Also, because the Earth rotates faster according to the law of conservation of angular momentum , Blueberry Earth has only 19 hours a day.

Also, the core of Blueberry Earth turns into ice under tremendous pressure, but since it is no longer a core of metal like the Earth, no magnetic field is generated. In other words, there is no magnetic field that protects life on Earth from harmful cosmic radiation.

From these results, Mr. Sandberg said about blueberry earth, 'When the earth becomes blueberry, the gravity felt by people on the earth first decreases sharply. Immediately after that, the blueberry earth is rapidly compressed and all objects on the earth are centered. It will fall 715km toward the universe. At this time, the worst earthquake in history will occur, and the gas blown from the inside will become a huge intermittent spring and blow out into space, and finally the earth will be boiled blueberry jam. It will be a world covered with the sea and the sky made of steam. '

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