I ate 'La France ice' and 'grape ice' at Komeda coffee shop in 'Shiro Noir Setouchi lemon' which is excellent in the freshness of sweet and sour lemon with soft serve ice cream.

'Shiro Noir Setouchi Lemon ', which is made by putting cold soft serve ice cream on other Danish pastry and sprinkling a sauce using Setouchi lemon, which is characterized by its rich taste and mellow acidity, will be available at Komeda Coffee Shop from June 16, 2021 (Wednesday). It has appeared. I have eaten seasonal Shiro Noir, which makes you feel the freshness that is perfect for summer, along with the new flavors of shaved ice 'La France ice ' and ' grape ice' that you also want to eat in summer.

'Shiro Noir Setouchi Lemon' with refreshing sweet and sour lemon will be on sale nationwide from June 16th (Wednesday) for a limited time!
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'Komeda's shaved ice' featuring plenty of pulp and juicy juice La France & grapes are newly introduced this year!
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Arrived at Komeda Coffee Shop.

There are two types of 'Shiro Noir Setouchi Lemon', normal size and mini size, but this time I ordered the normal size. According to the

(PDF file) calorie / allergy information , the normal size calorie is 895 kcal.

Comparing the height with the iPhone 11 with a long side of 150.9 mm, it looks like this.

The diameter was about the same as the iPhone 11.

Danish pastry has been divided into 6 equal parts since it was served.

On top of the soft ice cream and takes a source that uses a Setouchi lemon juice and peel, baked stretched thin crepe dough to finish

Fiantinu (Fiyantinu) has been sprinkled. By topping the yellow lemon sauce with greenish fiantine, it is reminiscent of a 'lemon tree'.

First of all, when I try to eat the soft serve ice cream part, the soft serve ice cream with a cool and refreshing sweetness matches the sweet and sour sauce that you can feel the acidity of lemon firmly. The crispy texture of Fiantine was also a nice accent.

Since the Danish pastry is warm, the melted soft serve ice cream and the lemon sauce that collects underneath are often entwined with the dough. The fluffy Danish pastry, the cool ice cream, and the refreshing flavor of lemon combine to create a sweet that is perfect for hot summers.

Lemon sauce tends to accumulate at the bottom, so you can eat it well by entwining it with Danish pastry or scooping it with a spoon.

Next, I ordered the new flavors 'La France Ice' and 'Grape Ice' that were added to the summer tradition of shaved ice. There are regular size and mini size, but this time I ordered the regular size and topped with soft serve ice cream (120 yen).

Comparing the size with the iPhone 11, it looks like this.

First of all, I will try 'La France Ice'. Without toppings, the normal size calories are 78 kcal and the soft serve ice cream toppings are 156 kcal.

It is covered with syrup using the juice and pulp of La France from Yamagata prefecture, and when you look closely, you can see the grains of the pulp on the finely shaved ice.

The light color of the syrup makes it look like ordinary ice at first glance, but when you put it in your mouth, the elegant flavor and sweetness of La France spreads. The fluffy shaved ice melts in your mouth, making you feel as if you are eating snow.

When I ate it with soft serve ice cream, the mellow sweetness of the milk was added and the impression of the taste changed, so I was able to continue eating without getting tired.

Next is the colorful 'grape ice' with purple syrup all over. The normal size calorie is 102 kcal.

Again, the syrup was mixed with pulp, and there were small pulp grains on the surface of the shaved ice.

The syrup has a strong sweetness of grapes and is juicy and does not disappoint.

Even when I ate it with soft serve ice cream, I could feel the flavor of grapes.

The regular size of 'Shiro Noir Setouchi Lemon' is 750 to 770 yen including tax, and the mini size is 550 to 570 yen, and the selling price varies depending on the store. The sales period is from June 16th (Wednesday) to early August 2021. However, please note that the sales period varies depending on the store, and some stores may not sell it. 'La France Ice' and 'Grape Ice' are regular size 650-680 yen, mini size 540-570 yen, toppings are sold separately, and the selling price varies from store to store. In addition, the sales period is scheduled for the end of September 2021.

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