Headline News June 17, 2021

The 60-second PV

of the original animation 'Sonny Boy ' that started in July 2021 has been released.

TV anime 'Sonny Boy' PV 60 seconds | 7.15 ON AIR Original animation directed by Shingo Natsume --YouTube

In addition, the key visuals are also open to the public. The visual depicts the main characters, Nagara, who have drifted to another dimension, standing in a corner of the rooftop.

The fastest online screening of episode 1 is scheduled for this weekend, Saturday, June 19th.

TV Anime 'Sonny Boy' Episode 1 Fastest Online Screening --YouTube

©Sonny Boy committee

The broadcast schedule is as follows.
TOKYO MX: 7/15 (Thursday) 24: 30-
KBS Kyoto: 7/15 (Thursday) 24: 30-
Sun TV: 7/15 (Thursday) 25: 00-
Kumamoto Kenmin Television: 7/15 (Thursday) 25: 29-
BS Asahi: 7/16 (Friday) 23: 00-
Aomori Broadcasting: 7/16 (Friday) 25: 56-
Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting: 7/21 (Wednesday) 25: 40-
AT-X: 7/16 (Friday) 21: 00 ~, etc.

By the way, I posted this article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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