It is confirmed that 'omega 3 fatty acid' contained in blue fish kills cancer tumors

Omega 3 fatty acids contained in blue fish are famous as 'fat that is good for the body'. Recent studies have also shown that eating blue fish is important to prevent 'chronic inflammation, ' which is a long-lasting mild inflammation in the body that can cause cancer and lifestyle-related diseases. Meanwhile, new research has shown the mechanism by which omega 3 fatty acids kill cancer tumors.

Peroxidation of n-3 and n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the acidic tumor environment leads to ferroptosis-mediated anticancer effects --ScienceDirect

Many people think of the word 'fat' as 'unhealthy,' but in reality there are also 'fats that are good for the body,' and omega 3 fatty acids are one of them. Omega 3 fatty acids are unsaturated fatty acids , such as α-linolenic acid contained in flaxseed oil, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) contained in blue fish, and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) . These fatty acids have a positive effect on brain function and eyesight, and have been confirmed to have anti-inflammatory effects.

In addition to the effects of omega 3 fatty acids described above, a research team at the University of Louvain Catholic in Belgium has announced a new mechanism by which omega 3 fatty acids inhibit tumor development.

In 2016, a research team at the University of Leuven, led by oncology specialist Olivier Feron, discovered that glucose replaces lipids in tumors with acidosis, which makes the environment more acidic. .. In subsequent research, the research team noticed that 'some fatty acids activate tumors, but some fatty acids kill tumors.'

Normally, in acidic tumors, the energy source fatty acids are stored in structures called 'fat droplets.' Fat droplets protect fatty acids from oxidation, but too much DHA makes it impossible to contain fatty acids in the structure, causing oxidation. And when this oxidation state reaches excessively, a phenomenon called ferroptosis, which means cell death, occurs. In addition to a series of phenomena, the research team has also confirmed that inhibition of lipid droplet metabolism increases ferrotosis.

This is the state of the experiment that was actually conducted. Tumors given DHA began to lose their shape around the 10th day (JOUR 10) and have collapsed on the 13th day (JOUR 13).

You can also check the situation until the collapse from the following movie.

An Omega-3 That's Poison for Cancer Tumors-YouTube

In addition, when the research team conducted a mouse experiment, it was confirmed that the growth rate of tumors was significantly reduced in mice that ate a DHA-rich diet compared to mice that ate a normal diet.

The research team said, 'DHA is recommended to take at least 250 mg per day. However, in previous studies, people take an average of 50-100 mg of DHA per day. It's well below the recommended minimum intake. '

The DHA content per 100g of edible blue fish is as follows.

pacific saury 1600mg 850mg
Chub mackerel 970mg 690mg
Horse mackerel 570mg 300mg
Conger eel 550mg 560mg
Bluefin tuna 120mg 27mg
Ayu 58mg 89mg
Mottled 42mg 24mg

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