Play DOOM with IKEA's smart lighting RF module

A movie to play by porting the FPS game 'DOOM' to the RF module installed in the

smart lighting kit 'TRÅDFRI ' sold by IKEA is released on YouTube.

Doom on an IKEA TRÅDFRI lamp! --YouTube

The reason for this attempt was the news that it succeeded in playing the 'DOOM' image on the screen of the pregnancy test kit. Initially, it was reported as if 'DOOM could be played on the screen of the pregnancy test kit', but in reality, the screen of the pregnancy test kit is not the same, but the display is completely replaced. Has been revealed by the author. , which is doing various hacks, regrets this and challenges DOOM play using the RF module of smart lighting to mark a new step in 'DOOM play recording on rare terminals'. I did. This 'DOOM Challenge' has detailed rules such as 'use an existing device that is not a game console' and 'use a microcontroller built into the device, and replacement / addition is NG'. ..

Disassemble the IKEA lamp at once.

I took out a module for smart lighting called '

MGM210L'. Since the RAM of this module was only 108KB, it was necessary to significantly optimize the memory usage.

Created a breakout board based on the module.

This is a carrier board that complements the functions.

The display uses a 160-pixel x 128-pixel, 1.8-inch TFT LCD.

It worked fine.

The frame rate is over 30fps.

In addition, explains the creation procedure etc. in great detail.

Let's port Doom to an IKEA TRÅDFRI Lamp! –

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