Xbox Series X-type refrigerator 'Xbox Mini Fridge' will be released in the latter half of 2021

It was talked about that the 'Xbox Series X ' released by Microsoft in October 2020 looks like a refrigerator, but finally Microsoft is the 'Xbox Series X-style refrigerator' ' Xbox Mini Fridge' Announced that it will be sold to the general public.

Microsoft Is Making An Xbox Mini Fridge Because Capitalism

Xbox Mini Fridge confirmed for holiday 2021 release --Polygon

When Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X, it created and released the 'Xbox Series X Refrigerator' in response to the online voice that 'Xbox Series X is like a refrigerator.'

'Xbox Series X Refrigerator' will be officially released in response to the voice of the Internet that 'Xbox Series X is like a refrigerator' --GIGAZINE

Furthermore, in the 'Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase ' streamed on June 13, 2021, the refrigerator 'Xbox Mini Fridge', which is more compact than the Xbox Series X refrigerator, was announced and announced that it will be sold to the general public. doing.

Xbox Mini Fridge --World Premiere --YouTube

'First in Xbox history'

'A new system that keeps others away'

Introducing the seemingly unconventional Xbox Series X.

There is a vertical green slit ...

The front opens with a snap.

'The most powerful in the world'

There are 3 levels inside, and you can put drinks in it.

'Mini refrigerator'

The top part has a dot pattern.

Adopted a cooling mechanism called Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture.

'Yes, this actually happens.'

That's why the Xbox Mini Fridge is here.

It will be available during the 2021 holiday season.

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