'Apple was displaying its app above its competitors in App Store search results,' he said.



'Apple is manipulating search results on the App Store' in a trial filed by Epic Games against Apple for violating antitrust laws (antitrust law) in Apple's App Store. It is reported that an email was submitted to indicate.

Apple admits it ranked its Files app ahead of competitor Dropbox --The Verge

Apple says metadata error to blame for Files app boosting controversy | iMore

The email submitted was sent to Apple by Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney. 'When I searched for Dropbox on the App Store, Google's purchased ads were displayed first, and Apple's' files 'were displayed above Dropbox,' Sweeney complained.

Matt Fischer, Apple's Vice President of App Store, responded to a complaint email from CEO Sweeney: 'Who allowed the'file'to appear on Dropbox in App Store organic search results? I didn't know we were doing that, and I don't think it should be, 'he said.' If you have a similar request in the future, contact me for review and approval. Please do it. '

Apple denied the content of the email as 'inaccurate' to the IT news site The Verge, telling them that the 'file' was never intentionally displayed above Dropbox. Apple didn't deny that 'files' were listed above Dropbox in App Store search results, but said it was just a technical mistake.

According to Apple, 'files' can be synced by adding Dropbox, so when you add 'Dropbox' to your app's metadata, the rank when you search for 'Dropbox' in the App Store is automatic. It is said that it has risen to the target.

At the trial, there was testimony by an Apple employee that 'Mr. Fisher had instructed not to actively introduce Apple's competing apps on the App Store,' but Mr. Fisher denied the testimony and said, ' Employees have a lot of misinformation. '

In addition, Fischer said in a trial, 'Apple has been promoting Apple's competing apps even before I joined the App Store team in 2010, and it still not only delivers competing apps, but also in the store. It's featured and promoted. Apple has been doing this all the time. '

Apple told The Verge, 'The App Store is a safe and reliable place for customers to find and download apps, and was created with the goal of creating a huge business opportunity for all developers. Searching the Store has only the goal of 'getting what the customer wants'. We do it in a fair way to all developers and I'm more than any developer or competitor. It doesn't give our app an advantage. Today, developers have many options for releasing apps, which makes it easy and fair for us to develop apps for customers around the world. And that's why we're working hard to provide them with great opportunities. '

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