780GB of source code and internal tools that were hacked and stolen by EA will be sold

by Paul Downey

Electronic Arts (EA) , known as the publisher of the Battlefield, FIFA , The Sims , and Apex Legends series, has been hacked, stealing a large amount of source code and internal tools. This hacker sells stolen data on the dark web.

Hackers Steal Wealth of Data from Game Giant EA

EA Hacked, Stolen Data And Source Code Being Sold Online --Game Informer

EA source code stolen by hacker claiming to sell it online | Ars Technica

Below is a page selling data stolen by the hacker in question. FIFA 21 debugging tools, SDK, API key, matchmaking server, FIFA 22 API key, SDK, debugging tool, EA game engine ' FrostBite ' source code and debugging tool, and other EA game proprietary frameworks It is called for to sell a total of 780GB of data such as FIFA and SDK, and it is emphasized that 'you can gain the ability to abuse all EA services' regarding the type of data to sell.


The post didn't mention how the data was stolen, but according to EA, he knew that someone had stolen the data due to a network breach, and a hacker called for sales on the bulletin board mentioned above. All the data is stolen data. In addition, since user data was not subject to this unauthorized access, EA states that 'I do not think that there is a risk to the privacy of the player.'

An EA spokeswoman said in a statement to the press, 'We have already improved security and do not believe it will have any impact on games or business. As part of an ongoing criminal investigation. We are actively working with law enforcement agencies and other professionals. '

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