What is the animal with the largest penis?

Many people may be wondering how big their penis is compared to a typical man, but few have compared the length of their penis with 'other animals'. Popular YouTube Channel

RealLifeLore channel dealing with the derived animal-related topics from BioArk is, has published a movie about the question, 'What most animal with a large penis?'.

Which Animal Has the Biggest Penis?-YouTube

The movie starts with the point that the existence of a penis is 'an organ that is inserted into the body of a female or hermaphrodite to deliver sperm'.

In many animals, the penis is an organ specifically used to deliver sperm ...

Exceptionally, the mammalian penis also has a role as an organ that excretes urine.

Also, not all animals have a penis. For example, a female doesn't have a penis ...

The male spider also does not have a penis. Male spiders store semen in a short leg-like organ called the pedipalp , which is inserted into the female reproductive organs during mating. The pedipalp is used not only for mating but also for assisting sensation and feeding.

The penis must be inserted into the female reproductive organs for it to play a role, but it must be well erected.

Among mammals, marsupials, horses, hyenas, humans, etc ...

Blood collects on the

corpus cavernosum of the penis and erects, giving it insertable hardness.

However, the system that erects when the corpus cavernosum becomes congested takes time to prepare and is inconvenient for use by relatively vulnerable animals in nature that are always at risk of predation. So part of the mammals,

the penis bone using a bone called to keep the hardness of the penis.

The baculum is possessed by many monkeys, cats, bats, rats, and mogula, and dogs are also famous for having a baculum.

The size of the penis varies from animal to animal, but it is said that the walrus with a large penis can reach a maximum of 75 cm.

Thinking purely about the length of the penis away from the

baculum, BioArk says the blue whale , which is also the largest animal on the planet, has the longest penis, about 2.4 to 3 meters long.

By the way, the penis of the elephant, which is the largest animal on land, is about 1m at the maximum.

However, the blue whale's penis is thin compared to its length, and has a very elongated shape with a diameter of only 30 to 36 cm.

The blue whale, which has a very long penis, has a large amount of ejaculation, and it is said that one ejaculation produces about 15 liters of sperm.

By the way, the penis of a blue whale is about one-eighth of its body length, and it can be said that it has a relatively larger penis than a human being, which is about one-twelfth of its height.

BioArk points out that when considering the ratio to body length, we should focus on 'animals that live on the surface of blue whales' rather than blue whales.

It is a barnacle that sticks to the surface of rocks, large aquatic animals, ships, etc.

Barnacles look like shellfish, but they are a type of crustacean like shrimp and crabs. Barnacles, which are basically stuck and do not move, are hermaphrodites capable of reproductive activity by themselves, but usually mate with neighboring individuals.

At this time, barnacles use a very long tube-shaped penis. The barnacles need to extend their penis to nearby individuals and ejaculate while they are stuck to the rock, so the length of the penis is about eight times the body length.

Another animal that has a very long penis compared to its length is the waterfowl duck. Birds generally do not have a penis, but ducks have a penis that can be rolled up like a watering hose.


them, the duck called Lake duck has a very long penis, and even the average individual is about half the length.

Adult lake ducks are about 36-46 cm in length, and general individuals have a penis of about 20 cm.

The largest penis of the lake duck discovered so far is said to have a length of 42.5 cm.

If a human has the same proportion of penis, the penis will hit the ground unless it climbs on a stepladder.

In addition, cephalopods such as octopus and squid,

hectocotylus has a role arm of the penis called, this hectocotylus and development also generally longer than the body.

In some cephalopods, where males are much smaller than females, the amputated hectocotylus is left in the female reproductive organs to fertilize the egg.

Another animal with a strange penis is the

echidna . The male echidna has a four-pronged penis, and the female has two uteri.

When mating, males use two of the four penises to fertilize females.

And, BioArk has claimed that 'animal that has a theoretically longest penis' is, living in the Western Pacific and the South Pacific

Chirimen sea slug is.

The penis of the chirimen sea slug is about 3 cm long. This alone is not the longest in the animal kingdom, even if it is a simple length or a ratio to the body ...

It has been

found that the crepe nudibranch penis is 'disposable' and that the penis is detached after mating and the matable penis is regenerated within 24 hours.

In other words, if you repeat cutting and regeneration, the 'total penis length' will exceed the human penis in about two weeks ...

BioArk claims to outperform the blue whale's penis in a year.

If the life of the chirimen sea slug is infinite ...

It is even possible to have a penis as long as the distance from the earth to the sun in 40 billion years.

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