Research shows that there are many 'men who have sex with men even though they are not gay', so why do straight men sleep with men?

A large American study found that there are many 'men who have sexual intercourse with men,' despite the fact that women are the subject of romance and sexuality. Tony Sylva, a gender researcher at the University of British Columbia, explains the answer to the question, 'Why do straight men have sex with men?'

Why some straight men have sex with other men

According to a large '(PDF file)

National Family Survey ' conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 5,000 men aged 18-44 who answered 'I am a heterosexual (straight)' to the survey. Of the 10,000 people, 28,000 answered that they had had sexual intercourse with the same sex. The ratio is not high at about 0.5%, but the figure of 28,000 cannot be ignored.

Silva, who studies these 'mismatches between sexual identity and behavior,' interviewed 60 straight men who are having sexual intercourse with men as part of their investigation. Then, the 'reasons why straight men have sexual intercourse with men' that emerged as a result of this survey are summarized in the following three.

◆ 1: To avoid cheating
The first reason straight men have sexual intercourse with men was 'to not have an affair.' Some of the men Silva interviewed had the problem of not having satisfactory sex in their marriage. Therefore, I chose 'out- of-marriage negotiations with men' as a way to have sex without threatening my marriage.

'For me, it's more sneaky to have a romantic relationship than to have sex with someone other than my wife,' said Tom, who lived in Washington and helped with the survey. 'I'm not going to flirt or break up with my wife, even if I have a new encounter,' said Ryan of Illinois.

Men like Tom and Ryan thought that 'out-of-marriage negotiations with women would lead to the collapse of their marriage,' while 'out-of-marriage negotiations with men were not so problematic.' matter. However, he did not tell his wife that he was having sexual intercourse with a man.

◆ 2: Because of complicated problems
Some have said that sexual identity is associated with political and social ties, so it is considered separate from sex. Connor, who lives in Oregon, told Silva, 'I think there is a decisive disconnect between so-called'gay'and'homosexual'. There is a'homosexual community'. Apart from that, there is a 'gathering of homosexual tastes' that cannot be called a community, and there is also a 'gay community'. In short, it's the same as being an athlete without a

jock, not gay. You can be gay and vice versa, because now anything is a matter of politics. '

'Straightness is the best symbol of a relationship with a woman, a connection with a heterosexual community, or one's masculinity,' Silva said. He said he had stated that he was straight. He also thought that sex with men was different from any other identity.

◆ 3: Impact from the environment
The environment of living in small towns and countryside also influenced the formation of men's self-consciousness. 'I'm straight because it fits the cultural norms of the region best,' said Larry, who lives in Wyoming, which has the smallest population despite being the tenth largest in the United States. doing. In this regard, Silva said, 'People like Larry are happy with their lives and identities, so I'm not even going to claim that I'm gay or bisexual. To others, and It's also for myself. '

None of the men Silva spoke to claimed to be straight because he had homophobia, which hates homosexuality. On the contrary, most were in a position to support the legal rights and equality of gays, lesbians and bisexuals.

Based on these research results, Silva said, 'The formation of sexual identity involves not only sexual orientation and behavior, but also many factors such as social background, romantic relationships, and ideas about masculinity and femininity. Straight men who have sexual intercourse with men did not seem to hide their fellowship with men, but merely seemed to have no effect on their perception of identity. '

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