Twitter users themselves point out incorrect information 'Birdwatch' memos are now displayed for some users

As part of its efforts to prevent the spread of fake news, Twitter is testing a feature called

Birdwatch that allows users to leave notes on potentially misleading tweets. Birdwatch's official account announced on June 2, 2021 local time that Birdwatch's notes will be displayed in tweets for Birdwatch pilot program participants using Android, iOS, and browser versions.

Twitter rolls out'Birdwatch' fact checks inside tweets --IBTimes India

To prevent the spread of fake news, Twitter is working to label misinformation and encourage people to read articles shared on RT in advance. Birdwatch is one such initiative, with the ability to leave user-friendly comments on misleading tweets and share useful information with other users.

You can understand what Birdwatch is doing by reading the following articles.

Twitter's new function 'Birdwatch' that shows reference information for false information tweets has appeared --GIGAZINE

The Birdwatch pilot program began in January 2021 and was available to users in the United States who registered for the program. However, in the early pilot programs, Birdwatch notes were not displayed in tweets, but the notes could only be viewed on a dedicated website.

And on June 2nd, it was announced that Birdwatch notes will be displayed in tweets on Android, iOS, and browser versions for users who will finally participate in the Birdwatch pilot program. Due to the new changes, users participating in the Birdwatch pilot program may see Birdwatch notes in their tweets as follows:

Birdwatch notes are rated by other users, and notes that are rated as 'currently helpful' are displayed with the tweet. If multiple memos are 'currently evaluated as helpful', the memos displayed at regular intervals will be rotated.

Also, if none of the notes attached to the tweet are 'currently rated as helpful', a card showing only the number of written notes will be displayed, and the user will tap the card. You can read all the notes.

If all the notes are 'currently rated as unhelpful', the notes will not be displayed in the tweet, and you can see the notes by tapping the Birdwatch icon in the details of the tweet.

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