'Ginger-grilled curry set meal' that combines Yayoiken's most popular 'ginger-grilled' with curry has appeared, and I actually tried it

On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Yayoiken released two new curries , 'Shogayaki Curry Set Meal ' and ' Beef Tendon and Vegetable Curry Set Meal'. In the 'Shogayaki Curry Set Meal',

you can enjoy the curry with the most popular 'Shogayaki ', and in the 'Beef Streak and Vegetable Curry Set Meal', you can enjoy the curry with vegetables such as sweet potatoes and paprika. So I actually tried it.

What's New | 'Shogayaki Curry Set Meal' 'Beef Tendon and Vegetable Curry Set Meal' Free refills of rice Curry set meal New on Wednesday, June 2! | Yayoiken

Arrived at Yayoiken.

At the side of the entrance, there was a signboard that appealed to the two new curries.

This time I ordered by takeout.

First of all, I will try eating from 'Ginger-grilled curry set meal' (790 yen including tax). Curry, rice and miso soup are in separate containers.

A menu that combines 9 kinds of spices and curry with the umami of meat and vegetables, and 'ginger-grilled', which is the most popular in Yayoiken. Chopped ginger is topped on top of the ginger. In addition, it is possible to add curry spice with habanero at eat-in or add cheese to curry for an additional 70 yen, but it is not possible at take-out.

The large container contains salad and rice.

When you try it, you can feel the flavor of pork and soy sauce. The curry is sweet, but the flavor of ginger is strong. Every time you chew the crispy chopped ginger, the intense taste of ginger spreads in your mouth. There is a considerable amount of pork, and almost everywhere you scoop, the pork will fit in a spoon. As the aftertaste of ginger subsides, the flavor of spices such as garam masala and pepper becomes noticeable, and the spiciness peculiar to curry continues to remain on the tongue.

Next, we will eat 'Beef tendon and vegetable curry set meal' (790 yen including tax).

This is a softly stewed beef tendon with vegetables such as lotus root, sweet potatoes, onions, paprika, and broccoli cut into large pieces.

When I tried it, I could enjoy the straight spice of the curry, and the onions and sweet potatoes with rumbling added 'sweetness of vegetables'. The beef tendon with plenty of it has a crunchy texture on the outside and crunchy in the center, and the umami oozes out with each bite.

Vegetables are also full of volume, especially lotus root is big and thick. The crunchy texture of beef tendon and the crispy texture of lotus root and onion combined to make the curry rich in texture.

In addition, Yayoiken is characterized by 'free refills' for eat-in, but for take-out, you can choose the amount of rice from three stages: 'normal', 'large serving', and 'super special serving'.

In 'Super Tokumori', the rice is so much that it sticks out of the bowl, and the amount that makes you think that the space for rice is filled to the limit. The measured values were 173g for 'normal', 274g for 'large', and 473g for 'super special'.

Yayoiken 'Shogayaki Curry Set Meal' and 'Beef Tendon and Vegetable Curry Set Meal' will be available for purchase at Yayoiken nationwide from June 2, 2021 (Wednesday).

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