Official release of 'Firefox 89', UI is simple with disappearing menus not used by users

The official version of the web browser ' Firefox 89' has been released. The UI and design have changed significantly, and Firefox for Mac and iOS has also been updated.

Firefox 89.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes

Modern, clean new Firefox clears the way to all you need online

The New Firefox Redesign-YouTube

◆ Simplified navigation bar
No matter what page you browse, the navigation bar at the top is used almost every time. In Firefox 89, this navigation bar has been simply organized around the following three elements.

1: Navigation
These are the three buttons, back, forward, and update.

2: Address bar
In the URL entry field, the privacy shield and security mark will be displayed on the far left.

3: Frequently used menu
Reader mode, enlargement settings, bookmarks, etc. are arranged.

On Firefox, 17 billion clicks occur every month, 43% of which are tab-related operations and 33% are navigation bar operations. Based on these surveys, menus that are not used by users have been organized from the navigation bar.

◆ Clear menu
The contents of the hamburger menu accessible from the right edge of the toolbar have been changed to more user-friendly text. Also, when opening the right-click menu, the content according to the content is displayed with priority.

◆ Tab design change
The design has been changed so that the currently displayed tab is raised, and an indicator is displayed on that tab when the autoplay movie is blocked.

◆ Notification update
With the redesign, notifications are now displayed together when a website requests permission for multiple features.

◆ Update iOS app at the same time
Firefox, which can be used on iPhone and iPad, has been changed to the same design as the PC version.

◆ Improved operability on Mac OS
The right-click context menu is now native, supporting dark mode, and adding an animation that bounces when scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Also, in full screen mode, tabs are no longer hidden in the system menu bar, and a setting has been introduced that allows the browser toolbar to be hidden.

◆ Updates for developers
· Top level await is now enabled by default
-Event Timing API is now enabled by default

Firefox 89 also includes a number of security fixes.

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