UN reports that kamikaze drones may have killed people 'fully autonomously'

In 2018, the world's first drone-based

presidential assassination plan was carried out in Venezuela, and a radical organization calling itself IS (Islamic State) is launching a civilian drone equipped with explosives. Drones have come to be used as weapons on many battlefields. Among such drones, the United Nations reported that a drone that operates 'fully autonomously' may have succeeded in bombing the target. If this is the case, it is reported to be the first case of an autonomous weapon with machine learning capabilities killing a person.

Final report of the Panel of Experts on Libya established pursuant to Security Council resolution 1973 (2011)
(PDF file) https://undocs.org/S/2021/229

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In March 2021, the United Nations published a report on a panel of experts set up by the Security Council on the Libyan Civil War. 'In the March 2020 battle, a Turkish-made Kargu-2 drone may have chased and attacked soldiers,' the panel of experts reported.

Kargu-2 is a quadcopter type drone developed by Turkish military company STM, and is also called 'kamikaze drone' because it carries out suicide attacks. It's not clear if Kargu-2's targeted soldiers died, but it's likely they died, as a panel of experts called the drone a 'deadly autonomous weapons system.' You can see it.

The report described Kargu-2, which can detect and attack targets on its own through facial recognition systems, 'this autonomous killing weapon is programmed to attack targets without the need for a data connection with the operator. It was, and had virtually true ' launch, oblivion, and discovery' capabilities. '

In addition, news site Axios, which reported this case, said, 'If this is the case, it is the first case that machine learning-based autonomous weapons have been used for murder, indicating that the war has entered a dangerous new era. '.

In this case, experts point out that there is an urgent need for legislation on AI-equipped weapons. 'There is no doubt that the debate over the regulation of AI-powered weapons is urgent and important,' said Jack Watling of the Royal Defense Security Institute , a British defense think tank. I can't get rid of it. '

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