I tried Matsuya 'Salmon Fry' which is a perfect match for plump and soft pink salmon and tartar sauce.

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of killing pine is a time-limited popular menu of 'salmon fly' is, we are re-appeared for the first time in six months from May 26, 2021 (water). Using 'pink salmon ' which is soft and oily, it goes well with Matsuno and special tartar sauce, so let's actually eat and see what kind of fried it is. It was.

If you come to Matsuya, you can't avoid it (salmon). 'Salmon Fry' is back on sale! | Matsunoya | Matsuya Foods

Arrived at Matsunoya.

There was a banner on the shop front that appealed to 'salmon fly'.

In addition to ordering salmon fried separately, you can also order it as 'loin and salmon fried set meal,' 'chicken and salmon fried set meal,' and 'large-sized fillet and salmon fried.' This time, I ordered 'loin and salmon fried set meal' and took it out.

The container containing rice and fried cutlet is stacked in two layers. A free take-out rice service was available for a limited time until June 2nd (Wednesday), so I chose a large rice dish this time.

The salad container contains plenty of shredded cabbage, and the tartar sauce is also served in a separate container. Tonkatsu sauce and carrot dressing for salad are also included.

The size of the salmon fly is about 13 cm.

It's a take-out so you can put it on rice or eat it separately. This time, instead of putting salmon fried on rice, I will try it with Matsunoya's special tartar sauce with herbs.

The flesh of salmon fries is plump and tender, and when chewed, the umami of salmon spreads in your mouth. The flavor that combines the acidity of tartar sauce with herbs and the mellowness of eggs is also excellent with salmon, making it a fried dish with extremely high potential as a side dish.

Also, if you squeeze the lemon that came with it, you can enjoy a refreshing flavor.

Perfect for Matsuya's classic loin and rice.

Matsunoya's 'Salmon Fry' is available for a limited time from May 26, 2021 (Wednesday) at Matsunoya and Matsunoya nationwide except for some stores. One piece is 200 yen including tax, one loin and salmon fried set meal is 790 yen including tax, one chicken fillet & salmon fried set meal is 790 yen including tax, one large fillet and salmon fried For 990 yen, if you add 150 yen including tax for a set meal, you will get a second salmon fry. In-store food and drink and take-out tax-included prices are the same.

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