Einstein's autograph 'E = mc2' is sold for about 130 million yen

A letter addressed to a rival physicist by Albert Einstein , a physicist known for advocating the theory of relativity, was put up for auction and sold for $ 1.2 million by an anonymous collector. It was.

RR Auction

Handwritten Einstein letter containing famous E = mc2 equation sells for $ 1.2 million | Live Science


The auctioned letter was sent to physicist Ludwik Silberstein on October 26, 1946. Silberstein was an understanding person enough to write a reference book on special theory of relativity, but he is known for having argued with Einstein about general theory of relativity. In the letter, Einstein wrote the special relativity formula 'E = mc 2 ', which shows the relationship between mass and energy, in response to the question from Silberstein, 'Your question is E = mc 2'. It can be derived from the formula without any knowledge. '

According to RR Auction, who handled the auction, only three examples of 'E = mc 2 ' written by Einstein himself were known so far, and none of them was in the hands of the general public. thing. RR Auction states that this fourth letter will be the first to be open to the public.

Bobby Livingston, who is the executive vice president of RR Auction is '' E = mc 2 'is the most famous equation in the world. This letter idea of Einstein on this formula is shown, in terms of physics It ’s important because. ”

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